Bet Records Database Review

I had the opportunity recently to take Kalatari’s new Bet Records Database software for a spin and I absolutely loved it!

I have used a lot of bet recording, analysis and reporting software over the years, some very good, some absolute rubbish, but this software really stands out as being in the top league of applications I have seen.

From the moment you load the software into Microsoft Access you just know you are in for a real treat. The interface is superbly designed. Very easy to use and understand – you don’t need a comprehensive user manual for this, everything is self-explanatory and intuitive to use. One click actions make using the software very easy, and the flow of actions, the initial set up, the bet recording and the reporting all make for a very pleasant user experience.

From the beginning, setting up the software to suit your requirements is very easy. I do like the idea of being able to have multiple betting banks, especially if you are covering multiple sports and want to have an individual betting pot allocated to each one. Perhaps one for horse racing and a separate betting bank for football bets, that way the two can be separated and you know exactly where you are with each sport covered. I can see this as a huge advantage for punters to use this – I have just started with football bets myself, so being able to distinguish between the two, and have separate pots for each is a huge advantage.

Anyone who uses multiple bookmaker accounts knows that it can be a bit of a nightmare to manage them all. Not any more! The Bet Records Database makes managing multiple bookmaker accounts a breeze. Each bookmaker is treated as a separate entity, so at a glance you can immediately see what bets you have placed with what bookmaker, how much you have in each bookmaker account, open bets and settled bets with each bookmaker, and record deposit and withdrawal transactions effortlessly. This aspect of the software is very powerful, especially if you have a lot of bookmaker accounts and want to know at a glance where you are at with them all. This feature alone is worth the price of the software I think.

Adding a new bet is easy. Simply click the Add New Bet button and input the information. The event, the date, the market, the selection, the bookmaker where the bet was placed, the bet type, the odds, whether it was each way or not, the total staked, and there is even an input for any particular notes you want to apply to the bet – if you follow multiple tipsters you could use this to input what tipster the bet related to for example. Hit the Save Bet button and the bet is recorded.

What I also like about the Bets section is the ability to immediately see at a glance what bets you have open, and what bets have been settled. This gives a running view of your betting activity and provides a valuable insight into how much you have out in the market at any point in time, what results have come in, what bookmaker the bet is related to, the odds and the total stake. The thought that has gone into this clearly demonstrates this software was designed by a punter for a punter!

One additional feature I will also mention relates to the settling of bets. I do like the idea of being able to record the ‘Race Conditions’. Anyone who has read my previous article on horses being more likely to win when they have conditions to suit will appreciate this feature is built in here. Being able to record this information is a great way to look back on a selection and view what the conditions were when it last won or lost and you had bet it. I understand that this feature will be developed further at some point to make this information more useful – and this is something I would really look forward to seeing expanded for sure.

So the betting bank has been set up, the bookmaker accounts are being managed, the bets are placed, so all that remains is the reporting… and this is where the software really stands out for me.

From the moment you load the software, the main screen gives you a concise summary of exactly where you are at with your betting.

The top section of the main screen provides a monthly breakdown of your betting. The total bets you have placed, the total winners you have had, the total losers, the total void bets, the strike rate, the average odds you are betting at, the average odds of the winners, the total you have staked, the total return, and importantly your return on investment. And all this broken down month by month, very good!

On the bottom part of the main screen there is a total summary by year which is excellent. This is an immediate picture summarising everything the monthly view shows into aggregate totals. This ‘at a glance’ view is fantastic. It means you don’t have to go digging through months and adding up each monthly total into an aggregate – the work has been done for you automatically with each bet settled.

My overall impression of the software is that this is something designed by a punter – someone who clearly understands what information is required, what management is essential, and has put together a software package that clearly meets the need on both counts in a professional and easy to use way.

If you are looking for an easy to use, intuitive, bet recording and management system, this is it! It does what it says on the tin, and in such a way that it suddenly makes recording bets and bookmaker accounts using a spreadsheet look like damn hard work – especially when this software does it all for you at the click of a button in most instances. As Dynamite would say… “It’s a no brainer!”, that this is the obvious solution to use.

You do need Microsoft Access to run this software, so one would assume if you had that then opening the necessary file to get the software started should be easy enough. You can purchase Microsoft Access as a standalone software application, or you can get it as part of a Microsoft Office monthly subscription which is what I did.

I think personally £49.99 is very reasonable for this (perhaps even on the to cheap side to be honest!), even if you have to obtain Microsoft Access also. The time you will save by using this software, and the information you will glean from your betting by using it, makes the cost trivial, peanuts even, in my mind.


Verdict ***** 5 stars! Cannot fault it at all. My expectations were exceeded, and at no point did I ever think, ‘would be better if this was there’, or ‘wish it could do this’ – the features are there, the reporting is there and everything is just right. I love it! Grab a copy, I know you will not be disappointed with this.