Best Bookmakers for making a profit

The three bookmakers I’m using for my betting investment challenge are Betfair, Pinnacle and Bet365. It’s always good to get the best available price on all your bets if you can but making so many bets per day it can be difficult to manage funds across so many bookmakers. So I’ve chosen the 3 that I consider the best and that cover the most bases.



Still the best betting exchange around. The exchange odds on the horses are usually better on what’s available with other bookies . Long shots in general, whether it be football or tennis are also available at better odds on Betfair because the market reflects the true price much more closely. I can also make lay bets if I need to and of course trade.



I’m using bet365 for 2 main reasons. One, they have the biggest range of markets. You can literally bet on anything with bet365. There’s so many types of markets available form corners to handicaps markets etc.  Some of them are available at Betfair Exchange but have little money available on them and they are always pretty fairly priced up by Bet365. I am also using Bet365 for horse racing bets where the market is not well-formed on Betfair or I think it may be favourable to go for best odds guaranteed.


Pinnacle Sports

My favourite bookmaker. The odds are better 9 times out of 10 than anywhere else and you’ll never be limited on your stakes. Odds on selections tend to be better on Pinnacle than on Betfair.

Pinnacle is a must for the US sports tips that I follow from BettingResource. The odds on baseball, basketball and major league football are so much better than with other bookies. The only thing I wish Pinnacle would improve is the lack of profit/loss and poor betting history information unlike what you can see with Betfair.


If you don’t have accounts with all of these 3 then signing up to them and using for your bets is a very easy way to help improve your betting/profit loss. Most people I come across know about Betfair and Bet365 but it amazes me how few still know about Pinnacle Sports.