App-solutely essential for the modern day gambler

If you are serious about your betting and aim to take a professional approach then you need to embrace the latest developments in technology if you haven’t already. Many of us have a smart phone nowadays but have you got all the essential Apps to make sure you get all the latest info, tips and the best prices?

So, here are my top ten free betting Apps that help keep the modern-day gambler at the top of their game. Please note that I mainly bet on football and tennis so the list is influenced by this and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S which uses Android technology:

1) Twitter – Essential for keeping tabs on latest news but also tips sent straight to your mobile by text. There’s a great betting community on there.

2) Tune in radio – Has all major radio stations plus hundreds of Internet ones. Talksport and Five Live are the best for gamblers.

3) BBC news – All the world’s news and sport. I like the technology section too!

4) Zoombet – Third-party App for Betfair. Great for placing a bet on the run but also has fast refresh rates and green out functionality which makes trading possible.

5) Fotmob – Has up-to-date football scores from all round the world. You can click on any game to alert you when a goal has been scored so you don’t have to check constantly. Brilliant App.

6) ESPN Goals – I use this when I’ve missed match of the day and I want to see who fluked their wins this week!

7) ATP/WTA Livescores – Official Tennis Scores App for all the major tennis tournament scores across the globe.

8) All major bookies apps – Goes without saying if you want to get on the bets prices on the run. Pretty much every bookmaker has their own App now.

9) Oddschecker – Again essential to see who has the best price.

10) SayNo To0870 – Not essentially betting or sport related but ringing banks and sky TV etc. on 08 numbers can be costly especially from your mobile. This App gives you a local rate alternative number that gets you through to the same place but without the extortionate rates!

If anyone knows of any other good ones that I’ve missed, then please let me know! Just a quick note about another App, Tapatalk, which I purchased for my betting forum It’s early days for the forum but I’m certain they’ll be some great content on there. Anyway, the Tapatalk App (only £2) allows you to view the forum in an easily readable format for mobile. I’m very impressed with it and I wish some of the other forums I regularly use would sign up to it.

We have a full mid-week premiership fixture list this week so I will be using some of the above Apps today and tomorrow to make sure I have access to all the information I need to make my Premier League Predictions. I’ll post these tomorrow lunch. Let’s hope for another profitable week!