A collosal effort

With the premier league title sewn up and the Hornets safe, there was possibly more at stake off the field than on it last night. For 190 punters in particular the Chelsea v Watford match was a real nail biter. This was because they had all participated in a syndicate game run at ColossusBets who provide unique pooled betting opportunities.

Crowdfunded for a total stake of £1024 and headed up by the popular TwoPoundPunt of Twitter fame, the Syndicate had already achieved 19 correct predictions on the trot. All on the asian handicap markets.

The 20th bet and to land the £200k jackpot, all rested on Chelsea to beat Watford by 2 goals or more.

The Blues got off to the perfect start with a goal just 22 minutes in, only for the lovable John Terry to gift Watford an equaliser little more than a minute later.  Of course this was much to the amusement of Terry haters everywhere. It was back to square one for the syndicate. If any of the 190 needed another reason to hate the man who loves the full kit, they certainly had one.

Chelsea restored the lead 12 minutes later however and were perfectly poised at the half time break leading 2-1.

They got the all important third just 4 minutes after the break and surely the jackpot was all but landed?! Sadly not. Watford somehow managed to score not one but 2 goals after which must surely have been a head in hands moment for the syndicate participants.

The bet all but dead and buried Chelsea scored again through Fabregas in the 88th minute to reignite the excitement once more. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be though and the dream fell short by just one goal.

What a rollercoaster.

Don’t feel too sorry for the group though. The rather shrewd TwoPountPunt already banked some of their money in the form of consolation money and also cashed in some of their ticket at half time.  Both of which were confirmed at the time. They landed a total of £44k winnings between them and for a stake of £10 or less each. Not at all bad eh!