1Goal.in Review

1 Goal Betting Competition Review

We all like a betting challenge and I’m sure many of you have tried an ‘all in’ type approach with the aim of getting filthy stinking rich. You start with say £10 and bet on short price and if it wins you bet the £10 + winnings on the next one and keep repeating until you have an amount you can go out on the town with or you lose!

The getting rich part of the plan never seems to materialise and the odds are stacked against you in this type of challenge. These are still a lot of fun though and it can be fun to see the power of compound interest work its magic when your £10 deposit is suddenly up to £100 with relative ease.

Well 1goal.in is a site that allows you to document this type of challenge specifically in the 1 goal or more market in football matches. These markets are perfect for this type of challenge because roughly 9 times out 10 a football match will contain 1 goal or more and it’s easy to achieve a winning streak. There are also challenges for 2 goals and 3 goals available on the site.

The site shows you which games are coming up from a huge array of countries and it’s very easy to set up a username and add a game to your list. You can also track your progress in the overall table. The game is completely free and it’s a very impressive website.

There’s also a page that shows the recent percentage of 0-0 score lines in matches for each country so you know which ones are best avoided!

The best run is 97 wins a row with average odds of 1.097. If the user has started with £10 and gone all in on each bet his pot would in theory have been well over £70,000 before the last bet was made!

Most start thinking they can do a 100 of these no sweat but it’s a lot more difficult than you’d think and over there have been over 12,000 failed attempts so far.

It goes without saying that this type of betting should only be done with small stakes and isn’t recommended as a long-term betting strategy but it’s fun to see how many bullets you can dodge and if you’re not greedy you might just bank yourself a few quid in the process.