Bet Records Database

Keeping betting records is important as you need to be able to analyse your bets in order to help you see which type of bets are are making you profit long term. It is also important to know what your overall profit or loss might be and this is very difficult to keep track of across multiple bookmakers.

There are some online solutions nowadays who will store all this data for you either in their website or application. This is NOT a good idea however as you are giving away valuable data about yourself and your selection methods. If you have an edge then you won’t have for long once the software providers analyse your data and not only that but it reveals how much you bet, who you bet with and how mcuh money you have with each bookmaker. This could even make you a target for online fraud or theft.

With all this in mind one of our top horse racing tipsters (Kalatari) has produced an absolutely superb database and easy to use interface which is stored locally on your machine, thus keeping all your data safe.

It really is the neatest bet recording solution you will see and a lot of time and effort has been put into producing it.

You can purchase the software using paypal below after which you will be sent the necessary files and instructions.

Please make sure that you have an installed version of Microsoft Access that is dated 2010 or later. All later updates/fixes will be free and can be upgraded to without affecting your data.

Purchase the Bet Records Database with easy to use interface

Bet Records Database


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bet records database main screenshot

bet records database bets

bet records database bookies

Start making your approach to betting more professional and your returns will improve. Order the bet records database now by clicking below.

Purchase the Bet Records Database with easy to use interface

Bet Records Database