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Tipster: Treble Horse  rating

Tips: 41
Win / Loss: 7-2-32
Balance: -190.50
Yield: -48.8%

Profit for today: No bets settled today
Profit for this month:


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Profit/Loss Analysis

Profit at odds less than 1.5:
Profit at odds greater than 1.5 to 2.0: 6.90
Profit at odds greater than 2.0 to 3.0: -25.40
Profit at odds greater than 3.0: -172.00

Average num tips per day: 1.00
Average odds overall: 5.63
Average odds on winners: 2.85
Longest losing streak: 15

Current year by month

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Last year by month

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-143.20 -47.30

Profit for 2018: -190.50

Results - Last 200 tips

Date  Tip OddsResultProfit/Loss
00114/03 AAll Hunt-> Win As I See It 2.08WIN 0.00-190.5
00213/03 AAll Chelt-> Win First Flow 15.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
00312/03 AAll ChelmC-> Win Firesnake 5.90LOSE 0.00-190.50
00411/03 AAll Warw-> Win Piton Pete 1.69WIN 0.00-190.50
00510/03 AAll GowP-> Win Three Swallowsnick 3.80LOSE 0.00-190.50
00609/03 AAll Newc-> Win Revenge 11.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
00708/03 AAll Winc-> Win Jurby 3.20LOSE 0.00-190.50
00807/03 AAll Ling-> Win Miss Minuty 5.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
00906/03 AAll Sthl-> Win Mimics Memory 3.10LOSE 0.00-190.50
01005/03 AAll Sthl-> Win Tomkevi 3.50WIN 0.00-190.50
01104/03 AAll Sthl-> Win Tilly Devine 7.80LOSE 0.00-190.50
01203/03 AAll Ling-> Win Chevallier 9.20LOSE 0.00-190.50
01302/03 AAll Ling-> Win Pour La Victoire 4.80VOID-190.50
01401/03 AAll Kemp-> Win Montague 4.90VOID-190.50
01528/02 AAll Wolv-> Win Vj Day 2.84LOSE 0.00-190.50
01627/02 AAll Ling-> Win Roundabout Magic 3.70WIN 0.00-190.50
01725/02 AAll Font-> Win Old Guard 4.60WIN 0.00-190.50
01824/02 AAll Newc-> Win Back To The Thatch 8.60LOSE 0.00-190.50
01923/02 AAll Warw-> Win Lisdoonvarna Lad 3.25LOSE 0.00-190.50
02022/02 AAll Sthl-> Win Mr Christopher 4.40LOSE 0.00-190.50
02121/02 AAll Newc-> Win Glory Awaits 7.60LOSE 0.00-190.50
02220/02 AAll Clon-> Win Tell Me Annie 2.12LOSE 0.00-190.50
02319/02 AAll Ling-> Win Le Musee 2.02LOSE 0.00-190.50
02418/02 AAll FfosL-> Win Streets Of Promise 10.50LOSE 0.00-190.50
02517/02 AAll Hayd-> Win Blaklion 4.10LOSE 0.00-190.50
02616/02 AAll Sand-> Win Herewego Herewego 2.82LOSE 0.00-190.50
02715/02 AAll ChelmC-> Win Spare Parts 2.98LOSE 0.00-190.50
02814/02 AAll Ling-> Win Billyoakes 6.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
02913/02 AAll Sthl-> Win Akkadian Empire 6.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
03012/02 AAll Plump-> Win Norse Legend 3.35LOSE 0.00-190.50
03111/02 AAll Punch-> Win Kesselring 2.34LOSE 0.00-190.50
03210/02 AAll Ling-> Win Born To Finish 5.20LOSE 0.00-190.50
03309/02 AAll Bang-> Win Happy Diva 2.08WIN 0.00-190.50
03408/02 AAll ChelmC-> Win Fareeq 3.10LOSE 0.00-190.50
03507/02 AAll Wolv-> Win Lord Murphy 4.70LOSE 0.00-190.50
03606/02 AAll Sthl-> Win Helen Sherbet 3.45LOSE 0.00-190.50
03705/02 AAll Wolv-> Win The Amber Fort 5.90LOSE 0.00-190.50
03804/02 AAll Leop-> Win Paloma Blue 32.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
03903/02 AAll Kemp-> Win Bogardus 8.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
04002/02 AAll Wolv-> Win Sunshineandbubbles 6.00LOSE 0.00-190.50
04101/02 AAll Winc-> Win Captain Cattistock 2.30WIN 0.00-190.50


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Table for Non-Racing in October

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Footy Movers Football  8/18 +33.00
2 Bet Monkey Football  0/4 -40.00
The stake for each tip is 10 units