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Being a tipster on this site is a great way to make some more money from your betting! Compete to win a share of over £250 worth of monthly cash prizes and earn more if you are good enough to be a premium tipster.

After gaining a good following on sites like this, many tipsters go on to creat their own blog and are able to charge monthly fees for their tips. I know one tipster who regularly makes more than £1000 per month from his tips.

If you'd like to become a Tipster, simply register using the form below. An email will be sent to you with details of your registration.

We are getting a lot of applications now so please only apply if you are prepared to give lots of reasoning for your tips and demonstrate this in your example.

Table for Horse Racing in December

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Superted Horse Racing  19/71 +422.85
2 Tipwise Horse Racing  11/35 +259.47
3 AppJoLays Horse Racing  19/0 +190.00
4 Jennifer19 Horse Racing  29/64 +91.30
5 Hicko65 Horse Racing  10/31 +76.38
6 Daily Nap Horse Racing  5/28 +60.00
7 Money Horse Horse Racing  3/3 +16.60
8 HorseLays Horse Racing  6/2 +15.50
9 TipOfTheDay All  5/6 +1.97
10 Big Al Horse Racing  32/65 -4.49
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Table for Footy & Tennis in December

 Name W/L Profit £
1 DoubleTreble Football  4/4 +48.60
2 Brian Footy Football  4/8 -19.50
3 Bet Monkey Football  4/11 -36.90
4 Footy Movers Football  4/22 -131.80
The stake for each tip is 10 units

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