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Tipster: ApprenticeJo  ratingratingrating

Tips: 3759
Win / Loss: 597-154-3008
Num Placed:14
Balance: 932.58
Yield: 2.3%

Profit for today: No bets settled today
Profit for this month:

Horse racing tipster looking to turn green most months. I focus on flats. I put up my tips anytime from 11:30am. This works best as it gives me plenty of time to find value contenders especially the night before and in the morning I look for factors that can affect the race like NR's, going changes on turf and so on. If following me then I'd advise using a 100-Point bank which would be 1% of your bank:) For my selection process I look for good stats (more time consuming but worth it) which I find especially effective for horses in good form as it helps maintain a healthy strike rate which is vital. Losing months mean strike rate was too low so that aspect is always in the back of my mind. I also look for value angles but am not necessarily looking for good stats...I'm just looking for that ONE stat that suggests the horse is well over priced and ultimately underbet by the public which is good as this = more value. I strongly recommend you follow my tips using the advised stakes. I currently have a "EW" system (Going well so far) I'm testing out so please check out the forum for those tips. I also now have a "Lay" profile which you can check out: Be sure to follow my twitter for my best bet of the day (NAP):

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Profit/Loss Analysis

Profit/Loss for NAPS: 678.87
Profit at odds less than 3.0: -252.46
Profit at odds greater than 3.0 to 6.0: -420.74
Profit at odds greater than 6.0 to 11.0: 571.13
Profit at odds greater than 11.0 to 16.0: -213.55
Profit at odds greater than 16.0: 1248.20
Profit if backed win only: 1051.05 (+118.47)

Average num tips per day: 3.95
Average odds overall: 11.86
Average odds on winners: 6.82
Longest losing streak: 46

Current year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
-273.50 560.60 402.94 -82.00 -63.50 -285.00

Last year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
393.80 -769.20 -22.50 -27.40 129.30 281.85 -149.37 -221.70 151.15 -183.60 -80.50 -455.00

Profit for 2016: 2017.45
Profit for 2017: -391.24
Profit for 2018: -953.17
Profit for 2019: 259.54

Results - Last 200 tips

Date  Tip OddsResultProfit/Loss
00107/06 HHorse Racing Bath-> Win Watch And Learn 23.00LOSE 0.00932.58
00207/06 HHorse Racing Bath-> Win Victoriano 5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
00307/06 HHorse Racing Brig-> Win Barrsbrook   9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
00407/06 HHorse Racing Brig-> Win Vikivaki 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
00506/06 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Beat The Breeze 21.00LOSE 0.00932.58
00606/06 HHorse Racing Hayd-> Win Matera 15.00LOSE 0.00932.58
00706/06 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Troubador   5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
00805/06 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Lilbourne Star 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
00905/06 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Laurier 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
01005/06 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Dalness Express 5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
01104/06 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Lord Of The Glen   5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
01204/06 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Logans Choice 101.00LOSE 0.00932.58
01304/06 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Cappananty Con 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
01404/06 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Jungle Juice 17.00LOSE 0.00932.58
01503/06 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Aquarius 26.00LOSE 0.00932.58
01603/06 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Making History 8.00LOSE 0.00932.58
01703/06 HHorse Racing Brig-> Win Cedar 29.00LOSE 0.00932.58
01803/06 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Francophilia   3.75LOSE 0.00932.58
01902/06 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win East Street Revue 8.50LOSE 0.00932.58
02002/06 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Shailene 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
02102/06 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Loolwah   5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
02202/06 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Beignet 3.50LOSE 0.00932.58
02331/05 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Tarseekh 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
02431/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Better Than Ever 29.00LOSE 0.00932.58
02531/05 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Lah Ti Dar   4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
02631/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Star Ascending 4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
02731/05 HHorse Racing Carl-> Win Kilham 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
02830/05 HHorse Racing Carl-> Win Miss Ranger   13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
02930/05 HHorse Racing Carl-> Win Coase 6.50WIN 0.00932.58
03030/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Boasty 15.00LOSE 0.00932.58
03129/05 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Hydroplane 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
03229/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Canasta 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
03329/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Ghayyar 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
03429/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Twentysvnthlancers 10.00VOID932.58
03529/05 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Hidden Spell 5.00VOID932.58
03629/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Frida Kahlo   5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
03728/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Atalanta Queen 7.50LOSE 0.00932.58
03828/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Show Palace 9.50LOSE 0.00932.58
03928/05 HHorse Racing Ayr-> Win Shine Baby Shine 7.50LOSE 0.00932.58
04028/05 HHorse Racing Brig-> Win Fleeting Freedom 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
04128/05 HHorse Racing Brig-> Win Potters Question 67.00LOSE 0.00932.58
04228/05 HHorse Racing Redc-> Win Fantastic Ms Fox   4.50WIN 0.00932.58
04327/05 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Poppy May 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
04427/05 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Love My Life 21.00LOSE 0.00932.58
04527/05 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Harbour Quay 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
04627/05 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Il Sicario 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
04727/05 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Nicky Baby   5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
04825/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Copper Knight 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
04925/05 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Atmospheric 8.00LOSE 0.00932.58
05025/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Masham Star 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
05125/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Crossing The Line 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
05225/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Dancing Star   5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
05325/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Mogsy 17.00LOSE 0.00932.58
05424/05 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Knight Crusader 7.00LOSE 0.00932.58
05524/05 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Lake Volta   4.50WIN 0.00932.58
05624/05 HHorse Racing Hayd-> Win Byzantia 4.33LOSE 0.00932.58
05724/05 HHorse Racing Hayd-> Win False Id 8.00LOSE 0.00932.58
05824/05 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Secret Cecil 26.00LOSE 0.00932.58
05924/05 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Flash Henry 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
06023/05 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Lush Life 5.50WIN 0.00932.58
06123/05 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Lyricas Lion 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
06223/05 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Hyanna   5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
06323/05 HHorse Racing Chep-> Win Bacchalot 6.50LOSE 0.00932.58
06423/05 HHorse Racing Chep-> Win Faldetta 15.00LOSE 0.00932.58
06522/05 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Chloellie   4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
06622/05 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Circle Of Stars 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
06722/05 HHorse Racing Ayr-> Win My Valentino 6.50LOSE 0.00932.58
06822/05 HHorse Racing Yarm-> Win Maroon Bells 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
06921/05 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Requited 9.00VOID932.58
07021/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Street Poet   5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
07121/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Little Miss Daisy 7.00WIN 0.00932.58
07221/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Watch And Learn 7.50LOSE 0.00932.58
07321/05 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Oh Purple Reign 13.00WIN 0.00932.58
07421/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Ice Cave 8.50LOSE 0.00932.58
07520/05 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Brinkleys Katie 12.00LOSE 0.00932.58
07620/05 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Fashion Free 4.00LOSE 0.00932.58
07720/05 HHorse Racing Carl-> Win Brandy Spirit   4.00LOSE 0.00932.58
07820/05 HHorse Racing Carl-> Win Luis Vaz De Torres 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
07920/05 HHorse Racing Carl-> Win Spartan Fighter 4.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08019/05 HHorse Racing Ripon-> Win Our Little Pony 34.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08119/05 HHorse Racing Ripon-> Win Perfect Swiss 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08219/05 HHorse Racing Ripon-> Win Mystic Knight 51.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08319/05 HHorse Racing Ripon-> Win Oso Rapido 7.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08419/05 HHorse Racing Ripon-> Win Dont Joke   4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
08518/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Triple Distilled 51.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08618/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Searching 17.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08718/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win War Brigade 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08818/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Yousini 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
08918/05 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Duke Of Firenze 11.00WIN 0.00932.58
09018/05 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Endless Joy   4.00LOSE 0.00932.58
09117/05 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Funkadelic 15.00LOSE 0.00932.58
09217/05 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Glasvegas   3.50WIN 0.00932.58
09317/05 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Bristol Missile 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
09417/05 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Buckland Boy 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
09517/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Young John 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
09617/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Chop Chop 5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
09716/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Pitchcombe 12.00LOSE 0.00932.58
09816/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Turgenev 67.00LOSE 0.00932.58
09916/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Saaheq   11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
10016/05 HHorse Racing Salis-> Win Symbolize 4.50WIN 0.00932.58
10114/05 HHorse Racing Chep-> Win Mystiquestar 4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
10214/05 HHorse Racing Chep-> Win Agent Gibbs   10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
10314/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Magic City 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
10414/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Dancinginthesand 6.50LOSE 0.00932.58
10514/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Corndavon Lad 21.00LOSE 0.00932.58
10613/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Lady Of Authority 5.50WIN 0.00932.58
10713/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Gino Wotimean 23.00LOSE 0.00932.58
10813/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Taurean Dancer   8.50LOSE 0.00932.58
10913/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Wallys Wisdom 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
11013/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Miss Matterhorn 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
11111/05 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Spirit Of Zebedee 7.50LOSE 0.00932.58
11211/05 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Amarillo Star 41.00LOSE 0.00932.58
11311/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Heres Two 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
11411/05 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Cape Byron 12.00WIN 0.00932.58
11511/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Frankellina   4.00VOID932.58
11611/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Tauteke 4.33LOSE 0.00932.58
11710/05 HHorse Racing Ripon-> Win So Near So Farhh 5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
11810/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Swiss Peak 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
11910/05 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Dubai Falcon 12.00LOSE 0.00932.58
12010/05 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Penny Pot Lane   9.50LOSE 0.00932.58
12110/05 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Medburn Cutler 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
12210/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Sputnik Planum 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
12309/05 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Fox Premier 8.00WIN 0.00932.58
12409/05 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Sonja Henie 21.00LOSE 0.00932.58
12509/05 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Victory Wave 4.50WIN 0.00932.58
12609/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Gossip Column 7.00LOSE 0.00932.58
12709/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Stars In The Night   4.33LOSE 0.00932.58
12809/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Spirit Warning 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
12908/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Haader 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
13008/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Treasured Company 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
13108/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Enyama 26.00LOSE 0.00932.58
13208/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Colwood 7.00LOSE 0.00932.58
13308/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Red Invader 3.25LOSE 0.00932.58
13408/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Norway   4.33LOSE 0.00932.58
13507/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Fabulist   3.75VOID932.58
13607/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Bardo Contiguo 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
13707/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Pacos Prince 7.50LOSE 0.00932.58
13807/05 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Livvys Dream 4.50WIN 0.00932.58
13907/05 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win High Contrast 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
14006/05 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Sparkle In His Eye   4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
14106/05 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Grapevine 3.75LOSE 0.00932.58
14206/05 HHorse Racing Bath-> Win Ride And Prejudice 26.00LOSE 0.00932.58
14306/05 HHorse Racing Bath-> Win Agent Gibbs 7.00LOSE 0.00932.58
14406/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Speed Dating 8.50LOSE 0.00932.58
14505/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Threat 15.00WIN 0.00932.58
14605/05 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Charles Kingsley   4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
14705/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Corelli 5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
14805/05 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Fumbo Jumbo 21.00LOSE 0.00932.58
14905/05 HHorse Racing Ham-> Win Jeffrey Harris 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
15004/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Pirate King 7.50LOSE 0.00932.58
15104/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Danielsflyer 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
15204/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Royal Residence 6.50LOSE 0.00932.58
15304/05 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Dawaaleeb 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
15404/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Skardu   9.50LOSE 0.00932.58
15504/05 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Nineteenrbomalley 23.00LOSE 0.00932.58
15603/05 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Delph Crescent 21.00LOSE 0.00932.58
15703/05 HHorse Racing Chep-> Win Three Star General   6.50LOSE 0.00932.58
15803/05 HHorse Racing Chep-> Win Dark Poet 4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
15903/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Wiretap 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
16003/05 HHorse Racing Muss-> Win Duke Of Firenze 7.00LOSE 0.00932.58
16103/05 HHorse Racing Chep-> Win Cacophonous 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
16201/05 HHorse Racing Bath-> Win Francophilia 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
16301/05 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Candelisa 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
16401/05 HHorse Racing Bath-> Win Dark Shadow 15.00WIN 0.00932.58
16501/05 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Fashions Star   5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
16601/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Lydiate Lady 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
16701/05 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Red Invader 6.00WIN 0.00932.58
16830/04 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Javelin 6.50WIN 0.00932.58
16930/04 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Young John 4.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17030/04 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Blyton Lass 5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
17130/04 HHorse Racing Yarm-> Win Comporta   9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17230/04 HHorse Racing Brig-> Win Tan 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17329/04 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Perfect Illusion 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17429/04 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Porto Ferro   8.50LOSE 0.00932.58
17529/04 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Port Winston 17.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17629/04 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win The Grey Zebedee 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17729/04 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Bigshotte 7.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17829/04 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Lopes Dancer 8.00LOSE 0.00932.58
17928/04 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Ginger Jam 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18028/04 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win George Ridsdale 5.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18128/04 HHorse Racing Salis-> Win Mayfair Spirit   6.00WIN 0.00932.58
18228/04 HHorse Racing Salis-> Win Gambon 10.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18328/04 HHorse Racing Salis-> Win Shes A Diamond 23.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18427/04 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win One Cool Daddy   6.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18527/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Rowland Ward 5.50WIN 0.00932.58
18627/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Baydar 11.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18727/04 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Yellow Label 51.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18827/04 HHorse Racing Hayd-> Win Thanks Be 17.00LOSE 0.00932.58
18926/04 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Prince Of Harts 5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
19026/04 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Motivate Me 13.00LOSE 0.00932.58
19126/04 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Mawde 67.00LOSE 0.00932.58
19226/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Redarna 9.00LOSE 0.00932.58
19326/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Fighting Temeraire 6.50LOSE 0.00932.58
19426/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Felix   5.50LOSE 0.00932.58
19525/04 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Kellington Kitty 8.50LOSE 0.00932.58
19625/04 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Itsakindamagic 17.00WIN 0.00932.58
19725/04 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Labrega 4.33LOSE 0.00932.58
19825/04 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Johnny Cavagin   4.50LOSE 0.00932.58
19924/04 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Recuerdame   8.00LOSE 0.00932.58
20024/04 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Crossed Baton 6.00LOSE 0.00932.58

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