Horse Racing Betting Tips

Below are the horse racing tips our tipsters have picked out as being excellent value today. A tipster can recommend a stake but all tips are settled based on a £10 total stake (£5 on win and place for each way). A tipster’s best bet of the day is indicated by the ‘N’ icon. You can also hover over the tip or click on it to read any notes the tipster may have added

The deadline for submitting a horse racing tip is 12:00 on the day of the race so that subscribers to our 4 and 5-star tips can get on in good time. The closer you get to the off the less value there is on average. So generally, the earlier tips are posted the better and quite often you’ll see tips posted at 6:30 pm for tomorrow’s racing.

Check out our tip of the day too which consist of our most likely horse racing winner at a reasonable price.

Todays Horse Racing Tips - Click headers to sort

Date Sport  Tip Tipster Rating Tipster Ratings OddsBookieEx Odds£ Matched
00112:20 HHorse Racing Catt-> E/w JustatennerRoland652ratingrating 23.00BetVBetVictor 13.004511.14
00212:50 HHorse Racing Catt-> E/w My IdeaRoland652ratingrating 17.00Bet3Bet365 22.002384.01
00312:50 HHorse Racing Catt-> Win LAY Oak Vintage  HorseLays2ratingrating 2.70BetfBetfair Exchange 0.000.00
004?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Hicko654ratingratingratingrating ??ToteTotesport ????
005?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Hicko654ratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
006?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Hicko654ratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
007?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Hicko654ratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
008?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Hicko654ratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
009?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Kalatari5ratingratingratingratingrating ??Sky Sky Bet ????
010?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Tipwise5ratingratingratingratingrating ??StanStan James ????
011?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *  Pinpoint4ratingratingratingrating ??WillWilliam Hill ????
01218:30 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Rummaging  Roland652ratingrating 17.00WillWilliam Hill 9.80858.27
013?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Pointage4ratingratingratingrating ??BetVBetVictor ????
014?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *  TexasPete5ratingratingratingratingrating ??LadbLadbrokes ????
015?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Daily Nap5ratingratingratingratingrating ??PaddPaddy Power ????
01619:15 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win AstrophysicsRoland652ratingrating 10.00PaddPaddy Power 14.501283.45
017?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Pinpoint4ratingratingratingrating ??CoraCoral ????
01819:45 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win TeomariaSuperted2ratingrating 9.00BetfBetfair 13.00344.89
01919:45 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w MalaspinaJennifer190rating 11.00PaddPaddy Power 6.003432.47
02019:45 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w PlanetariaRoland652ratingrating 26.00Bet3Bet365 18.50602.91
02120:15 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Table MannersSuperted2ratingrating 12.00Bet3Bet365 0.000.00
022?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Kalatari5ratingratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
02320:45 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w KachessSuperted2ratingrating 26.00Sky Sky Bet 42.00105.02
024?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Kalatari5ratingratingratingratingrating ??BetfBetfair ????
025?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *TexasPete5ratingratingratingratingrating ??CoraCoral ????
026?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Pinpoint4ratingratingratingrating ??WillWilliam Hill ????
027?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Big Al4ratingratingratingrating ??PaddPaddy Power ????
02813:50 HHorse Racing Hayd-> E/w Diamond Fort  Jennifer190rating 8.50PaddPaddy Power 7.40159.56
029?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *  Pinpoint4ratingratingratingrating ??WillWilliam Hill ????
030?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Big Al4ratingratingratingrating ??Sky Sky Bet ????
03115:35 HHorse Racing Hayd-> E/w Sir IvanJennifer190rating 8.00PaddPaddy Power 8.000.00

At we really do have some of the best horse racing tipsters on the internet. You can see from the stats in the tipster table that our best horse racing tipsters are consistently profitable. Our tipsters crunch all the numbers and stats using sites like the Racing Post, Timeform and Proform so you don’t have to!

If you click on a tipster’s profile you will find more information about their record, including their monthly record, strike rate, average odds, what odds range they do best tipping on and what their longest losing streak is.

Tipwise and Daily Nap have been two of our best long-term performers but we also have many more consistent and profitable racing tipsters. We even show you how well our tipsters do if you were to bet on their tips at betfair starting price.

We also list and record the Pricewise tips from the Racing Post so you can keep an eye on how he is actually performing since the Racing Post don’t provide this. We’ve also kept extremely accurate records of the likes of Templegate, Alex Hammond and Andy Holding in the past so we are well placed to advise you on the well-known tipsters that are worth following.

We also have a couple of automated horse racing strategies (Market Movers and Horselays) whose tips are derived from betfair exchange market information and you can read more about these on our blog.

Tipster Table for horse racing (All time)

 Name TT RatingTipster Ratings W/L Profit £RS Profit £Strike RateROI
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 694/2626 +5173.615564.5520.9%15.6%
2 Big Al Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 1400/4278 +2866.812866.8124.7%5.0%
3 Kalatari Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 252/1898 +2529.772529.7711.7%11.8%
4 WhippaSnappa Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 317/904 +2397.672419.5126.0%19.6%
5 Eagle Eyes Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 490/2148 +2215.562215.5618.6%8.4%
6 Daily Nap Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 343/741 +2055.861884.2631.6%19.0%
7 Pinpoint Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 402/1616 +1728.661671.0619.9%8.6%
8 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 407/894 +1649.031571.3031.3%12.7%
9 Pointage Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 236/1444 +1509.081379.0814.0%9.0%
10 Hicko65 Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 532/1446 +1465.281445.2826.9%7.4%
11 BettorValue Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 106/825 +1413.601413.6011.4%15.2%
12 BVBiggies Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 16/292 +1200.001200.005.2%39.0%
13 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 349/1710 +1133.731193.2116.9%5.5%
14 TexasPete Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 137/640 +892.251012.0517.6%11.5%
15 BVSystemBets Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 93/634 +884.88884.8812.8%12.2%
16 Market Movers Horse Racing  3ratingratingrating 629/2597 +834.20834.2019.5%2.6%
17 TheNap Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 44/213 +719.601029.6017.1%28.0%
18 The Chief Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 149/545 +602.19602.1921.5%8.7%
19 DaveStevos Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 106/411 +564.05583.0520.5%10.9%
20 Puntage Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 73/374 +518.26508.2616.3%11.6%
21 AppJoLays Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 199/52 +494.40494.4079.3%19.7%
22 McGhee Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 100/189 +339.07339.0734.6%11.7%
23 Culvey Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 46/318 +213.35213.3512.6%5.9%
24 Value Hunter Horse Racing  3ratingratingrating 21/106 +49.2549.2516.5%3.9%
25 Jennifer19 Horse Racing  0rating 5/7 +38.2538.2541.7%31.9%
26 KalatariLays Horse Racing  2ratingrating 20/9 -21.30-21.3069.0%-2.4%
27 SuperTips Horse Racing  0rating 1/18 -60.00-60.005.3%-31.6%
28 Autopunt Horse Racing  2ratingrating 51/121 -68.63-68.6329.7%-4.0%
29 Food4Fort Horse Racing  2ratingrating 74/247 -156.19-173.7923.1%-4.9%
30 HorseLays Horse Racing  2ratingrating 489/210 -184.40-184.4070.0%-1.0%
31 Brian Horses Horse Racing  2ratingrating 90/645 -198.52-198.5212.2%-2.7%
32 RacingBeast Horse Racing  2ratingrating 84/390 -383.17-383.1717.7%-8.1%
33 Superted Horse Racing  2ratingrating 625/4031 -454.14-567.2913.4%-1.0%
34 Roland65 Horse Racing  2ratingrating 220/1992 -1064.02-1064.029.9%-4.8%
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Bulletin Board

***Backing every tip from our Tipster Table in November so far for £10 each would have returned £931.28 profit!***

Remember that this is just a guide to the overall peformance of the board and much better returns are possible by following only the very best football and horse racing tipsters.

You can subscribe to our 4 and 5 star tipsters for just £24.99 a month (80p a day).

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Table for Horse Racing in November

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  39/77 +377.76
2 Big Al Horse Racing  42/95 +350.47
3 Hicko65 Horse Racing  22/40 +291.63
4 Superted Horse Racing  20/104 +281.30
5 Kalatari Horse Racing  5/23 +93.00
6 Roland65 Horse Racing  14/97 +79.25
7 Pinpoint Horse Racing  22/86 +75.13
8 AppJoLays Horse Racing  34/4 +42.00
9 Jennifer19 Horse Racing  5/7 +38.25
10 TexasPete Horse Racing  26/93 +31.05
The stake for each tip is 10 units

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