Football Betting Tips

We have some excellent Football Tipsters on our site. Our focus is on English football tips but there's also a few who find very good value in other European Leagues e.g. ColdGold and Alcuni on French League 2.

Our Bet Monkey tipster profile is an automated one that uses shots data to determine good value bets. We now specialise on League 1 and League 2 only where there is more value to be found.

Footy Movers is another automated football tipping profile that monitors the odds movements on betfair for English Football markets. This profile is constantly evolving in an attempt to improve results further.

Tipster Table for football (All time)

 Name TT RatingTipster Ratings W/L Profit £RS Profit £Strike RateROI
1 Bet Monkey Football  4ratingratingratingrating 338/778 +865.30865.3030.3%7.8%
2 ColdGold Football  5ratingratingratingratingrating 302/283 +762.59755.6951.6%13.0%
3 Alcuni Football  4ratingratingratingrating 173/295 +388.65334.6537.0%8.3%
4 Footy Movers Football  3ratingratingrating 264/597 +347.40347.4030.7%4.0%
5 MJH Footy Football  4ratingratingratingrating 77/147 +158.60158.6034.4%7.1%
6 ValueBets Football  3ratingratingrating 76/199 +130.20130.2027.6%4.7%
7 Brian Footy Football  3ratingratingrating 105/225 +112.70102.7031.8%3.4%
8 DoubleTreble Football  0rating 4/8 +8.608.6033.3%7.2%
9 Sharpy Football  0rating 8/9 +8.408.4047.1%4.9%
10 DMCooper Football  0rating 3/1 +5.0017.8075.0%12.5%
11 Mr Magpie Football  0rating 2/4 -16.30-16.3033.3%-27.2%
12 HG-AHCaps Football  1rating 69/109 -380.70-380.7038.8%-21.4%
13 Holy Grail Football  2ratingrating 294/835 -434.00-434.0026.0%-3.8%
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Bulletin Board

***Backing every tip this year so far for £10 each would have returned £10638.08 profit!***

Remember that this is just a guide to the overall peformance of the board and much better returns are possible by following only the very best football and horse racing tipsters.

You can subscribe to our 4 and 5 star tipsters for just £24.99 a month (80p a day).

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Table for Footy & Tennis in December

 Name W/L Profit £
1 DoubleTreble Football  4/4 +48.60
2 Brian Footy Football  4/8 -19.50
3 Bet Monkey Football  4/11 -36.90
4 Footy Movers Football  4/22 -131.80
The stake for each tip is 10 units

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