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Win Run To The Hills

Date / Time: Wednesday 25th May 2016 - 18:50
Betting Tip: Win Run To The Hills
Selection: Run To The Hills
Competition: 6.50 Kempton
Best Odds: 26.0 @ Bet365
Recommended Stake: 10 Units
Result:LOST -£10

Tipster: Superted  ratingratingrating
Profit: 386.36
Win / Loss: 517-161-3369
ROI: 1%
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Posted on Wednesday 25th May - 11:47
  • Top USA breed and its getting backed definitely worth a bet

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Absolute b*llocks how can they give that result they altered the winning line fiddling B*stards
Superted said on 25 May 16 19:01
I know, gutted ST! I was on at 55s on the exchange :'(
Brian said on 25 May 16 19:06
Yes disappointing day I need one of these biggies its all about margins in this game
Oh well I've downloaded Angry Birds movie to cheer me up lol 2moz maybe better got to stay positive : )
Superted said on 25 May 16 20:08
Haha, when you mentioned angry birds I thought for a second that Tracy was back. Enjoy! :)
Brian said on 25 May 16 20:36

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