Each Way Croco Bay

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Date / Time: Friday 15th March 2019 - 16:50
Betting Tip: Each Way Croco Bay
Market:Each Way
Selection: Croco Bay (Outsider)
Competition: 16:50 Cheltenham - 2m Grd3 Hcap Chs
Best Odds: 67.0 @ Coral
Recommended Stake: 10 Units
Result:E/W WIN (EWW5) 396.00
Betfair Starting Price: 180.00

Tipster: DaveStevos  ratingratingratingratingrating
Profit: 1394.30
Win / Loss: 143-55-574
ROI: 19.4%
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Posted on Friday 15th Mar - 01:10
  • 2lb lower than when a fine 5th in this in 2017. .
  • Been put away for this since a fine 2nd off 137 at Worcester (16f gd)
  • Was 3rd off 149 in this contest back in 2015.
  • Is a 12yo now but his trainer says he is in superb shape.
  • I love this horse so I might be biased, but I honestly think he is capable of running a huge race off 139, even if he is 12yo.
  • A small each way interest is advised with 5 places 1/5 odds available.

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Dave I think you are the only one here to enjoy Cheltenham big well done mate I put a deuce on it so broke even on the meeting got TBH I thought it had no chance so great stuff
Superted said on 15 Mar 19 17:00
Cheers ST, can't believe he has actually done it. Tipped him last 3 times he ran in it. So happy for the horse, what a legend.
DaveStevos said on 15 Mar 19 17:04
Smashing tip DS, your analysis shone through mate, great stuff WD.
Pinpoint said on 15 Mar 19 17:09
Stunner Dave! that's top class mate, tipsters don`t come any than you and Ted for extreme outsiders well done, hope you got some decent shillings on it!
Ron E said on 15 Mar 19 17:12
What a CROCKER! love the reasoning too. (You've shown patience and belief, now it reads... 18% ROI. wow!
Dynamite21 said on 16 Mar 19 12:09
What a tip...well done man!
ApprenticeJo said on 16 Mar 19 13:39
Thanks very much all. Appreciate the kind words. And yeah, I had a nice enough bet on Ron :)
DaveStevos said on 16 Mar 19 15:14
Great to see big DS hitting the jackpot at Cheltenham!

Sorry I've been quiet again, Had another relaspe with my stomach issues. Thankfully identified that I'm intolerant to gluten now and it was bringing on all sorts of auto immune symptoms.

Can finally get back to normal at long last :)
Brian said on 20 Mar 19 20:45
I've started work on the speed updates today. About a quarter the way through now. Seems a little faster to me but like I say still plenty to be done so should be lightning by the end (I hope).
Brian said on 20 Mar 19 20:46
Good to hear your on the mend Brian and wishing you a quick recovery.
Pinpoint said on 21 Mar 19 10:01
Thanks mate, appreciated. Great to see the HCap Service back and firing btw :)
Brian said on 21 Mar 19 10:29
Hi Gaffa
I wish you well and hope you find plenty of gluten free goodies. Btw are you diagnosed with celiac disease? good to see your profiles paying off handsomely, well done with those.
Looking forward to site updates looking forward to new ideas also and Betting Tools prosper
Good Health & GL
Ron E said on 21 Mar 19 11:57
Great to hear from you Ron and thanks for the well wishes. Hope you're good.

I haven't been diagnosed as celiac and I think I've recognised the problem early enough to prevent that. I am hopeful that the intolerance won't be forever too. It's been great appreciating different foods again though and I'm going to end up a lot healthier than before, so there are plenty of positives. Spirits instead of beer it is!

Thanks again mate, excited about getting stuck in again. GL

Brian said on 21 Mar 19 12:11
I suffer with my stomach Brian I keep away from bread cereals etc luckily for me I've never liked that stuff.
I can't believe GP's are so useless these days and never consider that could be the problem BTW I'd love to know what the healthy spirits are lol
Superted said on 21 Mar 19 14:32
It's a common thing isn't it mate and gluten is naturally difficult for most people to digest in some way I'm told.

I was disappointed in the GPs. I know many do a sterling job but I'd been 6 or 7 times and to tell me I had an issue with anxiety was insulting. Never mind not picking up my symptoms as being leaky gut/intolerance. I feel for those who aren't able to figure it out themselves and who develop more serious problems.

Haha, I'll be back on a small whiskey soon. Red wine better than everything though apparently.
Brian said on 21 Mar 19 16:00
The races I didn't select in I'm picking winners I guess we all go through that here but that's the problem with so many meetings (35 races)
Superted said on 22 Mar 19 16:21
House Island 40/1 : (
A day of missed opportunities even one would have been okay but that's March a month you can really pile up the losses
Superted said on 22 Mar 19 17:48
Hey Brian hope you have a speedy recovery and it's great that you have figured out the root of the problem. ST tell me about it...March has been a tricky month for me in general.
ApprenticeJo said on 22 Mar 19 20:48
Thanks very much AJ, great to see your superb form continuing :)
Brian said on 23 Mar 19 11:06

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