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Win Donna Graciosa

Date / Time: Sunday 27th September 2015 - 16:45
Betting Tip: Win Donna Graciosa
Selection: Donna Graciosa (NAP)
Competition: Musselburgh 16.45
Best Odds: 1.91 @ Sky Bet
Result:WON 9.10

Tipster: TipOfTheDay  ratingrating
Profit: -227.80
Win / Loss: 328-42-288
ROI: -3.7%
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Posted on Sunday 27th Sep - 10:57
  • Donna Graciosa is still unexposed and this trip could unlock even further improvement despite a 7lb rise in the weights.
  • The rest of the field are unreliable and have questions to answer except for the fantastic Dhaular Dhar who is still giving the youngsters plenty to worry about at the age of 13. He is up another 7lbs here though and has to give away plenty of weight to the selection which may be too much for him today.
  • I expect Donna Graciosa to take this for the formidable Johnstone/Fanning duo.


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Another stunning victory for Tip of the Day, T you are on a roll!
BVSystemBets said on 27 Sep 15 16:50
Lol she made me sweat though!
Not a great day overall but well done winners and especially Mick with your chunky winner. Let's take the bookies to the cleaners tomorrow instead lol
Tracy2014 said on 27 Sep 15 17:19
Well done to you As well T yeah always tomorrow
Mick The Tip said on 27 Sep 15 19:56

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