E/w Manorov

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Date / Time: Wednesday 11th November 2015 - 20:00
Betting Tip: E/w Manorov
Selection: Manorov (NAP)
Competition: Dundalk 20.00
Best Odds: 13.0 @ Paddy Power
Recommended Stake: 10 Units
Result:LOST -£10
Odds updated from 0.00 to 13.00 (BOG)
Betfair Starting Price: 0.00

Tipster: TipOfTheDayOLD  ratingrating
Profit: -227.80
Win / Loss: 328-42-288
ROI: -3.7%
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Posted on Wednesday 11th Nov - 12:11
  • Manorov likes it here and is a C+D winner off 7lbs lower. He went close though off 3lbs higher back in May.
  • He is returning from a small break which shouldn't be an issue. He last run in September can be ignored as it was soft turf. He is very much an AW horse with a win and three 2nds from 10 runs.

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Hope you have a large slice of luck T:O)
Eagle Eyes said on 11 Nov 15 12:16
I nearly went for Thane Of Cawdor E/W but it's a bit short now.
Extra good luck to everybody today :-)
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 12:17
I'm hoping to thank you later T for pointing out thane of Cawdor £100 win @9/1 fingers crossed down to a general 13/2 now
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 16:34
I'm hoping to thank myself too. I've only had one winner today. Quantum Dot. A quid @ 4/1.
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 16:47
Been a bad day all round T
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 16:55
I thought we had it there T oh well at least it gave us a run me heart. Is still pumping
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 20:16
Yeah. Still can't believe you went £100 on the nose!
Well I won't be playing tomorrow. Not with a betting bank of £11.50!
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 20:41
Yeah your right went overboard. But it was there money well that's the way I justify it lol
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 21:07
Not too bad if it was winnings I suppose. Up to you anyway. You could be a millionnaire for all I know!
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 21:12
Had a nice win yesterday with distime and my mum always told me to reinvest lol
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 21:12
I've gone overboard too obviously because I started with £81 and now have £11. Anybody got any ideas to save me lol????
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 21:13
Lol on the millionaire
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 21:14
No pressure guys lol but I was thinking 50p on each of T/G's, SP1's, Dave Stevos's, Rons, Andy Holding's and Kalatari's. Like I said, no pressure but you'd all better win or else hahaaa
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 21:15
Marry a millionaire that'll help T
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 21:18
Watching Beatles top no 1s. Wicked
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 21:20
The chances of that are limited considering I only really leave the house to take my dog out hahaha.
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 21:21
Well T you should try to get out more
Mick The Tip said on 11 Nov 15 21:39
I should! I'm a hermit.
Tracy2014 said on 11 Nov 15 22:03
I have a set number of bets I allow myself a day, usually 10 per day max. Five of my own and five for the ones I like on here. That seems to work for me and that way I don't over bet.
Kalatari said on 12 Nov 15 8:22
No self control me though KT. I see peoples tips and can't stop myself from looking into them and then I like them and then I have to back them. Grrrrr at me lol
Tracy2014 said on 12 Nov 15 8:37

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