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Carl-> Win Little Glenshee

Date / Time: Monday 9th November 2015 - 15:25
Betting Tip: Carl-> Win Little Glenshee
Selection: Little Glenshee (NAP)
Competition: Carlisle 15.25
Best Odds: 6.00 @ Bet365
Recommended Stake: 10 Units
Result:LOST -£10

Tipster: TipOfTheDayOLD  ratingrating
Profit: -227.80
Win / Loss: 328-42-288
ROI: -3.7%
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Posted on Monday 9th Nov - 12:29
  • Little Glenshee looks the most reliable proposition in what could be an attritional race given conditions.
  • Her price looks decent as she has proven form over C+D, has won off this mark and goes well fresh.
  • Both main market rivals are on the drift and I think she will give us a good run for our money. Market vibes seem to suggest Alto Des Mottes is the one to fear most.
  • My only worry is that usual jocky Lucy Alexander is not on board but Brian Harding has had a cracking November so far with 3 winners and 4 places for different trainers.

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Apologies in advance to Eagle (again!), BiggyBoo and Gary lol
Tracy2014 said on 09 Nov 15 12:30
Jeez louise:?
Eagle Eyes said on 09 Nov 15 12:41
Sorry Eagle. No day like today though to break the TOTD curse :-)
Tracy2014 said on 09 Nov 15 13:07
I have hope seeing how Mick broke Orville's curse last week;O)
Eagle Eyes said on 09 Nov 15 13:09
Well rememberd EE :-)
Mick The Tip said on 09 Nov 15 13:43
Start digging a hole Tracey lol
Eagle Eyes said on 09 Nov 15 15:21
Tracy2014 said on 09 Nov 15 15:31
ohh nooo the curse of TOTD still looms! lol
Kalatari said on 09 Nov 15 15:35
Andy Holding is a jinx to me along with TOTD:o)
Eagle Eyes said on 09 Nov 15 15:40

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