RacingBeast's Tips

The price of this tipster is £ £50 per month.

Please make sure you undertand the risks of following any tipster, no matter how good their historic record has been. We try and be fair to all our community though and we provide a money back guarantee on our premium tipsters. Currently if the Tipwise service doesn't make a profit in any given month (based on whole month not from when you sign up) you are entitled to request a refund but then you cannot follow the following month.

If any products relating to the Holy Grail fail to profit over the course of the season, then all your subscription costs will be refunded, providing you did not cancel at any time.

Table for Footy & Tennis (All time)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Bet Monkey Football  287/627 +875.90
2 ColdGold Football  276/266 +639.29
3 Alcuni Football  147/248 +355.55
4 Footy Movers Football  132/310 +291.30
5 AntaeusTen Tennis  75/129 +161.50
6 MJH Footy Football  77/147 +158.60
7 ValueBets Football  76/199 +130.20
8 Brian Tennis Tennis  76/73 +91.90
9 Brian Footy Football  69/148 +58.90
10 HG-AHCaps Football  40/44 -22.40
The stake for each tip is 10 units