Tipwise Premium Horse Racing Tipping Service


With over 60 years experience as a punter and 2+ profitable years (Started in October 2014) as a tipster at Betting Tools, Ron (a.k.a Tipwise) has a proven record when it comes to delving into the form book to unlock real value backing horses to win and place, often at eye-watering prices.

In an era when horse racing tipsters are a dime a dozen, the Tipwise selections stand out as being in a class of their own, reflecting the time and effort Ron puts into each and every one of the horse racing tips he shares with subscribers.

Horse race betting is a difficult game for punters to win. Difficult… but NOT impossible! And while there have certainly been ups, there are downs, overall Tipwise has proven it is possible to beat the bookie over time – ending each of the 3 years in profit, producing an impressive 17%+ yield to date.

Tipster Table for Horse Racing (All time)

 Name TT RatingTipster Ratings W/L Profit £RS Profit £Strike RateROI
1 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 1045/2365 +2201.252158.8630.6%6.5%
2 DaveStevos Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 152/597 +1823.302816.5520.3%24.3%
3 Pricewise Horse Racing  3ratingratingrating 335/2739 +5.715.7110.9%0.0%
4 BetSharp Horse Racing  2ratingrating 126/1289 -184.35-184.358.9%-1.3%
5 TipOfTheDay All  2ratingrating 317/888 -872.48-872.4826.3%-7.2%
The stake for each tip is 10 units

The Tipwise tips are focused on unlocking value, with average odds of 19.34 and average winning odds of 17.44 (correct as of 29th Jan, 2017), it’s not hard to see that while all the selections don’t necessarily win or place – at those odds they don’t have to! When they do win, or hit the frame, Tipwise subscribers are well rewarded.

It’s also testament to Ron that a good portion of the selections he provides return at a considerably shorter SP than the prices initially advised. This is the key to making money from betting horses – to grab those early prices, considerably eroding the bookie advantage before the market latches on to drive the price shorter.

So, while the odds of winning at horse racing long term are actually against the punter, Tipwise has proven that by combining a judacious mixture of form reading, value spotting, and bargain price grabbing, the odds of winning and showing a decent profit over time are considerably increased!

One thing you don’t get with Tipwise is horses at short prices! Of course this means that the risk of a losing run is increased – HOWEVER, at the odds Ron has more than proven that if you are patient, bet at (or near enough) to the advised prices, the losing runs are part and parcel of an overall upward profit trend over time.

As a punter it’s easy to get caught up in a ‘short term’ view of horse racing. This is where many punters fall short and fail. The concept of ‘a winner at any price’ sees a lot of punters fall by the wayside; despite getting the winners they just cannot make horse racing pay due to the short priced nature of the selections in most instances. The secret to making money from horse racing is most certainly to adopt a long term view, backing horses at value prices – and this is where Tipwise excels and has proven to be most profitable – over time!

With so many tipsters competing for your attention, each one claiming to have the ‘holy grail’ solution – common sense has to prevail when determining exactly which horse racing tipster to put your faith in and follow.

There are countless very good tipsters on Betting Tools, each one with their own strengths and weaknesses, but Ron (Tipwise) stands out as an obvious solution to the ‘who to follow’ conundrum due to his vast experience, impressive profit record, considerable yield, and the fact that he is held in such high regard by every other tipster on Betting Tools. Tips results are calculated to a 10 unit level stake but Ron likes to recommend a stake based on the 5, 10, 20 and 30 scale and following this advise has historically increased returns further, by more than double in fact!

Tipwise is a premium tipster for good reason! He’s in the premier league of horse racing tipsters.

Few can claim to have made over 400 points provide over 2+ years, with a yield that most tipsters find very difficult to achieve and maintain.

As a Tipwise subscriber you just never know when the next biggie is going to line your pockets – BUT you do know for sure is that it’s not a case of IF it happens… it’s almost certainly a case of WHEN.

So, if you are looking to make money long term, backing horses that can and do win on a regular basis at backable prices, and relish the thought of actually making money backing horses that can and do win at backable prices… then Tipwise is the obvious solution for you!

If the thought of having a tipster with over 60 years experience, with a proven and profitable record, and a yield that’s worth having appeals to you, then again Tipwise is the obvious solution for you!

If the thought of having well researched, quality, horse racing tips at backable prices delivered direct to your email inbox, without the hassle of having to go through the form yourself appeals to you… then Tipwise is the obvious solution for you!

And… if you want all of the above for just  £44.99 a month then hit the SUBSCRIBE button below and let’s get you started!

Please make sure you undertand the risks of following any tipster, no matter how good their historic record has been.