The Chief shows who's boss!

Posted by admin on 1 Mar 2016

Wow, what a month for!! A record-breaking total profit (£2300 to £10 stakes) for the site was made by the tipsters and there was some good banter flying around too. Things are shaping up very nicely for Cheltenham. It was The Chief who pipped Eagle Eyes to the February title in the racing table after a great battle that went down to the wire. Tweaking his methods and getting back to basics has paid dividends for the Chief and it'll be interesting to see if he can keep up the promise he's shown.

Eagle won't be too disappointed though because he won the racing prize pot and Chief is probably kicking himself a little that he didn't enter! Food4Fort has announced himself in a big way this month and I know he's definitely on my following list now. Another super consistent and patient month for Rouffignac and it was great to see a turn in fortune for Hicko65 too.

A large slice of the total site profit was made by golf tipster GolfInvest but even without the huge return he made on his top performing selection, we'd still be looking at one of the highest profit totals recorded. GolfInvest of course wins the 'Other Sports' table by a country mile and to make it fair we've decided that the golf tipsters should compete with the racing tipsters. There is now a 5 tips per tournament maximum too and the rules have been updated to reflect this. Myself, Alcuni and ColdGold proved yet again we know our chosen football leagues very well and made up the rest of the top 5 together with RugbyInvest.

Myself and Alcuni had an almost identical battle for the other sports prize pot as in January but his last ditch attempt to overhaul me didn't work this time around and I take the honours there.

I've thoroughly enjoyed running things this month and I'm proud to have a site with such great community spirit amongst the tipsters and followers. Cheltenham is now only 2 weeks away and it'd be great to go into that with more site profit under our belt.

Thanks to everyone who has entered the BetVictor Cheltenham Competition so far. Sky Sports News this morning announced that Ron would be taking part after much speculation about him not entering and I can now confirm that we are just £30 short of a £500 total. If you haven't yet signed up you can do so here:
I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss out on what is set to be a brilliant festival. It's been great to see a few of us put our hand in our pocket to allow others to enter and again it emphasises what a great bunch of people we have on here.

A special thanks to Tracy for doing an amazing job keeping everyone and everything in check and to BettorValue too for all his excellent blog pieces and insight.

Food4Fort and Antaeus have both impressed with their write ups and they are promoted to gold star tipster. I'm sure the profits will follow for Antaeus soon.

Prizes are listed below. As always, please let me know your paypal email if you haven't done so before and you bet365 username if you want to claim your free bet.

Next month we also have £100 worth of BetVictor free bets to give away so make sure you sign up to BetVictor in preparation to receive these should your tipster results warrant it!

Thank you to everyone for taking part in February and well done to the tipsters who finished in profit. You are almost making it look easy!

Today is the last day to enter the prize pots for this month so please get your entry in now if you want a chance to win more. I will be updating the entrants this evening and the tables will be finalised by tomorrow morning. BV has very kindly offered a wild card to Mick for this month and I am giving one to ColdGold.

Tipster Prizes -> Racing
The Chief -> £25 + £25 Gold Star Bonus
Eagle Eyes -> £15 + £15 Gold Star Bonus
Food4Fort -> £10
Rouffignac -> £5
Hicko65-> £5
BettorValue -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Ron E -> £5 free bet (bet365)

Racing Prize Pot Winner -> Eagle Eyes (£60)

Tipster Prizes -> Other Sports
GolfInvest -> £25
BrianFooty -> £15
RugbyInvest ->£10
Alcuni -> £5 + £5 Gold Star Bonus
ColdGold -> £5+ £5 Gold Star Bonus
ProlificPunt -> £5 free bet (bet365)
GradedDawg -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Batigol -> £5 free bet (bet365)
TennisInvest -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Fitba Tips -> £5 free bet (bet365)

Other Sports Prize Pot Winner -> Brian Footy (£60)

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The Chiefs feathers will be clipped this month lol :O)
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:11
Shyron enters Festival Picture woohoo
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:12
Yum yum yum, have to say lads that was the best roast eagle I've every tasted. Lol. Think I may just make a reservation for the same again next month :-) he he
The Chief said on 01 Mar 16 13:19
Chief don't forget to pay your tenner for this month comp.
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:25
You two are brilliant! You 2 had better have a good month now that we have added you to our portfolio! Counting on you to bring home the bacon in large quantities this month boys! :).
BettorValue said on 01 Mar 16 13:29
No pressure then lol Chief is getting twitchy already :]
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:31
The Chief shows who's boss! Who is this guy? I heard a golfer topped the table lol
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:32
You'll be alright Chief, got every confidence in you mate! Eagle, you are such a wind up merchant... I love it! Wish racing would hurry up and start... gonna be a bit tricky today I think.
BettorValue said on 01 Mar 16 13:38
Us horse racing boys are going to have to keep a close on the golf boys... 1 100/1 shot coming up from them and we are history!
BettorValue said on 01 Mar 16 13:40
I think I might have to start studying up on golf and see if they have any chance, knowing we are playing against them at those odds :).
BettorValue said on 01 Mar 16 13:42
Once the first race is finished I have the bathroom to clean:{ Sure I can finish it before 14.40 :O]
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:43
Where's the Rochdale Raver? Is she old enough to remember Stone Roses & Happy Mondays?
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:47
Plenty old enough unfortunately Eagle!!
Tracy2014 said on 01 Mar 16 13:51
My brother lived the dream for a while, then he had to get a job lol
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 13:53
You're twisting my melon man!
Tracy2014 said on 01 Mar 16 13:58

awesome track.
Eagle Eyes said on 01 Mar 16 14:00
The chief is under the weather just now so no tips until my head is straight again recipe for distance otherwise. Must have contracted bird flu from all that eagle I digested last month :-)
The Chief said on 01 Mar 16 21:03
Hope you get better soon Champ :-)
Tracy2014 said on 01 Mar 16 21:46
Like the avatar btw haha
Tracy2014 said on 01 Mar 16 21:47
Hahaha Chief!
Brian said on 01 Mar 16 22:02
That is brilliant, wait until the Eagle man sees that, he will keel over with laughter! Expect the consequences though mate, I am sure he will come back with something equally superb :). In fact you can bet on it!
BettorValue said on 02 Mar 16 8:21
Hi Brian
please give my £5 to the injured jockey fund, well done everyone, roll on the festival.
Hicko65 said on 02 Mar 16 8:44
LMAO Nice one Chief. In my version of events, I'm still alive flying high, while you look dead to me lol

GL all:O)
Eagle Eyes said on 02 Mar 16 9:44
Brilliant, you two want to go on the stage, forget the horses, I think as a comedy act you would make a fortune! Move over Morecombe and Wise, we have Eagle and Chief! :). I don't think I have ever laughed so much lately.
BettorValue said on 02 Mar 16 10:24
I think i will stick to the tips BV, I have managed to use up all my humour points now I think lol
The Chief said on 02 Mar 16 10:48
Hi Brian ! Thanks for prize but I have problem with B365. If it possible give my prize to Tracy2014.
Good luck to all tipsters in March
Batigol said on 03 Mar 16 8:11
Aww that's very kind of you Batigol but unfortunately, I can't use it either :-(
Thank you anyway.
Can you use Betvictor? We will have free bets available from them in future too :-)
Tracy2014 said on 03 Mar 16 8:13
It was supposed to be a gift for the upcoming holiday Women's Day, but... :) Then can you forward to next most succesfull female tispters.
Unfortunatelly in my case the same problem with Betvictor(and many others)...
Batigol said on 03 Mar 16 9:09
That's so thoughtful of you :-)
There are no other active female tipsters but I will nominate somebody who tries very hard and deserves it but doesn't win enough lol. I'll have a look and let you know. Thanks Batigol.
Tracy2014 said on 03 Mar 16 9:14
Ok Tracy the choice is yours ... perfect :)
Batigol said on 03 Mar 16 9:19
I am going to offer it to FitBa. He tries very hard and his write ups are excellent and he deserves to get results :-)

FitBa, Would you like Batigol's free bet? He can't make use of it. If so, can you email your Bet365 username to Brian asap please? Cheers!
Tracy2014 said on 03 Mar 16 10:40

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