Site Updates

Posted by admin on 1 Feb 2016

I've mentioned a few updates on the forum recently and together with a rule change I thought it would be good to collate them all in this post.

Firstly we now have gold star tipsters who display excellent reasoning fro their tips. Gold star status is what we all should be aiming for and I myself aim to improve my write ups this month. Not only can you have your prize money double but the stats show that those who research and write more for their tips get much better results than those who don't. You can read a little more about gold star tipsters here on the forum.

I've binned a few categories on the forum and merged some together. We were only really using a few and by grouping a load together it makes the forum much more compact and feel less empty.

I've also updated the tipster rules to confirm that only one bet per selection is allowed now regardless of how much the odds  have changed.

Finally, tips from 3 star tipsters and below are now available to all visitors. Traffic went down a little last month and I'm keen to continue to grow the betting tools community and by keeping some of the tips free I think we have a good compromise.

Any questions please let me know.


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