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Posted by admin on 14 Apr 2016


The eagle-eyed of you may have noticed a new tipster profile 'FollowthePros' appearing in the monthly and overall tipster tables. This profile is something we are trialling as a complete tips portfolio service and is something we are very excited about.

The portfolio contains tips from various proven tipsters from the Racing post, At the Races and Sporting Life and other professional tipsters from the web who have performed well historically. Some lesser known tipsters may be trialled now and then too. We apply some of our strict criteria to make sure the odds are sufficient to back and that we don't have too many running for us in any one race. We may cut underperforming tipsters and trial new ones from time to time.

It's very early days but the profits have been very encouraging so far, especially considering the fact that results were even better the week before we officially started recording.

There are a lot of tips to place but we aim to get them uploaded at 10:30pm and 10:30am so there should only be 2 times per day that you will need to place. As with our other tipster profiles, subscribers also have access to the feed for use in betsender and bfbot manager. Obviously, you don't get Best Odds Guaranteed using this but results have been good using betfair too thus far and we hope to have some data for comparison at the end of the month.

The tips aren't on the tips board as we don't want to clutter it and the profile isn't part of the competition itself in terms of being eligible for prizes. This is why there is no reasoning for the tips is permitted.

If you do want to follow the profile you can do so here: but please remember that this is a trial, profits are by no means a guarantee and stakes must be kept small.

I will post this on the forum too so you can all add your thoughts, ideas for improvement and even suggest new tipsters who you might make the 'FollowThePros' grade!

We hope that by getting the best tips from around the net will save people time from having to visit all the different sites.

A lot of people have asked how best to use the tipsters on our own board and whether you can be following too many tipsters. With this profile, we aim to show that betting small with
a big turnover is key and that you can never have too many quality tipsters in your profile.

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Morning all "The portfolio contains tips from racing sites on the web. This seems a good idea, one thing though could we see some names to whose tipping them please We can see who is in form and who is not
Ron E said on 17 Apr 16 11:17
Hi Ron, thanks for the feedback and suggestion but I'm not going to include all of the sources at the moment because I don't want the prices to go for anyone choosing to follow.
Brian said on 17 Apr 16 12:10
Also, we don't include every tip from every source so it wouldn't necessarily be a clear indication of who was in form and who wasn't. There are some rules around which tips get chosen and I also don't want people to be frustrated that specific winning tips from a specific source weren't included.
Brian said on 17 Apr 16 12:10
Evidence shows the criteria we choose improves overall results but people have a tendency to remember the missed winners and not consider losers avoided.
Brian said on 17 Apr 16 12:12
Hi Brian I do feel it could be good for driving traffic to BT, also I do understand where your coming from, however it could be counter productive as punters just may then carry on sourcing www for the missing information on who is tipping what! to see who are in form!?
Ron E said on 17 Apr 16 12:37
I personally think this info should be made available for other reasons such as proofing etc!?
However I do wish you good luck with it.

Ron E said on 17 Apr 16 12:40
Does anyone know? what has happened to our outstanding journalist and tipster friend Bettor Value it`s been a month since there as been any activity on his account, have been missing BV`s valued contributions, hope is he ok?
Ron E said on 17 Apr 16 13:14
Missing without a trace Ron! I've contacted him a few times but no response. It's a shame isn't it and I too hope all is ok with him.
Brian said on 17 Apr 16 13:55

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