April Winners

Posted by admin on 1 May 2016

Just a quick post to announce the prizes for April.

As you can see, the pros and premium tips showed there worth and
there are only a few tipsters in between them who made the top 10 monthly standings. Well done to all who made a profit.

Full list of prize allocations this month below. Please send me your paypal details if I don't have them. If you don't have a bet365 account sign up here and send me your username please.

The amount of tipsters we have continues to increase and it requires a lot of admin time to settle and amend them. The last month has seen the amount of interaction decrease and prior to this I was happy to run the site as a fun community based betting site but I feel it's now time to get serious and make BettingTools.co.uk all about winning punters money. April has seen the highest total profit ever recorded and I think it's now time to build on that and continue in the same vein.

This means that from the end of April, anyone not in profit who looks unlikely to be able to turn their form around and who is not deemed as contributing anything else useful to the site will be asked to stop tipping.

I hope you understand this decision and the good news is that those who do continue to make the grade will be eligible for greater rewards. I'm undecided exactly what these will be and how they will be allocated but more will follow in the next month or two.

I will also be updating the list of tipsters who have provided good reasoning this month to become eligible for double prize money in May and i will announce them in the next couple of days.

Thanks and good luck to all in May!

*** There are not enough entrants for a prize pot in April and so this has been cancelled ***

Tipster Prizes -> Racing and Golf
Antaeus-> £25
Superted-> £15
Big Al -> £10
Indeedy -> £5
DaveStevos -> £5 + £5 Gold Star Bonus
TheNap-> £5 free bet (bet365)
Kalatari-> £5 free bet (bet365)
TheFrogMan -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Arwel -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Dynamite21-> £5 free bet (bet365)
Toad-> £5 free bet (bet365)

Racing and Golf Prize Pot Winner -> Antaeus (£90)

Tipster Prizes -> Other Sports
TennisInvest -> £25
FootyInvest ->£15
JokeJoe -> £10
Junior -> £5 + £5 Gold Star Bonus
Alcuni -> £5
MJH Footy -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Drdzo -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Fitba Tips -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Arwel MMA -> £5 free bet (bet365)
Miske1X2-> £5 free bet (bet365)

Other Sports Prize Pot Winner -> Alcuni (£40)

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how do you change the Golf back from being with the Horse racing without saying anything? when we all agreed that the Golf should go with the racing? or is this a mistake? i thought Anteaus won the racing ?
TennisInvest said on 01 May 16 20:09
That is an admin error. Updated now.
Brian said on 01 May 16 20:17
Well done Antaeus for April :)
Kalatari said on 01 May 16 20:20
ok, thought it must be.. yes he did well and came close with Ricky Barnes too..
TennisInvest said on 01 May 16 20:24
Thanks for the fiver Brian, would you donate to IJF please.
Keep up the good work
Indeedy said on 01 May 16 21:17
Nice one Indeedy, I can do that - thanks mate :)
Brian said on 01 May 16 21:27
After reading APRIL WINNERS I think It`s one great move forward BT well done!

Quote"I was happy to run the site as a fun community based betting site but I feel it's now time to get serious and make BettingTools.co.uk all about winning punters money. April has highest total profit ever recorded"
Ron E said on 02 May 16 9:55
Thank you, Kalatari! For third week in a row one of my picks is so close to win the PGA tour event, but failed in the last possible moment on the last day!Good job all of you and good luck in May!
Antaeus said on 03 May 16 8:47
Antaeus did you get an email from Brian?
Last night I did, he said he is not accepting more Golf tips. :(
TennisInvest said on 03 May 16 9:38
Correct. i received and unfortunately there will be no golf tips anymore...
Antaeus said on 03 May 16 10:08

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