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Our Tipster Table contains betting tips from some of the best horse racing and football tipsters on the internet. We have very accurate records and include rule 4 deductions in our detailed results. Our Horse Racing Tips and Football Betting Tips are displayed alongside the best odds available from the top bookmakers as well as the best current price available and how much has been matched on the betfair exchange.

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Table for Horse Racing in April

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Superted Horse Racing  18/43 +429.30
2 Big Al Horse Racing  48/98 +358.66
3 Brian Horses Horse Racing  19/27 +228.39
4 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  48/56 +197.03
5 Pinpoint Horse Racing  31/67 +162.75
6 Tipwise Horse Racing  27/44 +145.06
7 DaveStevos Horse Racing  5/7 +143.75
8 Market Movers Horse Racing  13/100 +65.00
9 AppJoLays Horse Racing  19/2 -1.00
10 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  8/21 -1.20
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Table for Horse Racing March

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Dynamite21 Horse Racing 42/68 +300.97
2 Brian Horses Horse Racing 26/23 +255.45
3 Market Movers Horse Racing 19/113 +207.20
4 Pinpoint Horse Racing 42/82 +155.11
5 Big Al Horse Racing 53/116 +144.35
6 Tipwise Horse Racing 48/116 +97.73
7 Jennifer19 Horse Racing 57/119 +73.94
8 Superted Horse Racing 36/115 +39.71
9 AppJoLays Horse Racing 3/0 +30.00
10 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing 2/5 -12.50
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Table for Footy & Tennis in April

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Bet Monkey Football  2/2 +43.00
2 Footy Movers Football  8/18 +13.50
3 Brian Footy Football  2/6 -25.70
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Table for Non-Racing March

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Brian Footy Football 0/1 -10.00
2 Footy Movers Football 5/21 -40.00
3 Bet Monkey Football 1/8 -52.50
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Latest Big Winners

Market Movers won £140.00 on Dans dream
Tipwise won £125.00 on Adams ale
DaveStevos won £125.00 on Examiner
Pinpoint won £118.75 on Examiner
Superted won £110.00 on Taqdeer

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Tipster Table for NAPS in April

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Superted Horse Racing  3/6 +223.00
2 DaveStevos Horse Racing  3/4 +122.50
3 Jennifer19 Horse Racing  6/11 +30.85
4 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  1/0 +14.25
5 Big Al Horse Racing  5/14 -10.20
6 Pinpoint Horse Racing  1/4 -36.25
7 Tipwise Horse Racing  2/6 -55.12
8 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  2/10 -68.70
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Tipster Table for NAPS (All time)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  226/747 +2115.78
2 DaveStevos Horse Racing  63/176 +1024.58
3 Big Al Horse Racing  210/615 +761.31
4 Tipwise WS Horse Racing  84/174 +636.99
5 Superted Horse Racing  127/677 +478.50
6 Daily Nap Horse Racing  34/58 +193.45
7 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  47/59 +183.39
8 The Chief Horse Racing  12/10 +175.20
9 Pinpoint Horse Racing  40/109 +82.68
10 TipOfTheDay All  63/92 +59.38
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Betfair Starting Price Table in April
(Win Only)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Brian Horses Horse Racing  14/31 +564.00
2 Big Al Horse Racing  40/106 +484.90
3 Market Movers Horse Racing  13/95 +344.20
4 Tipwise Horse Racing  6/64 +152.60
5 DaveStevos Horse Racing  1/9 +99.20
6 TipOfTheDay All  5/16 +58.20
7 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  8/21 -16.00
8 Next Best All  5/16 -21.60
9 Daily Nap Horse Racing  0/4 -40.00
10 AppJoLays Horse Racing  19/2 -49.60
The stake for each tip is 10 units and commission is not included

Betfair Starting Price Table - All time
(Recorded since 10-Feb-2017)
(Win Only)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Pointage Horse Racing  213/1402 +1896.70
2 Superted Horse Racing  211/1663 +1557.20
3 Tipwise WS Horse Racing  80/665 +1413.60
4 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  161/874 +1211.40
5 Daily Nap Horse Racing  229/986 +793.70
6 Pinpoint Horse Racing  288/1364 +726.20
7 TipOfTheDay All  89/174 +383.90
8 Tipwise Horse Racing  136/1183 +200.30
9 Hicko65 Horse Racing  92/634 +117.70
10 Next Best All  18/58 +25.00
The stake for each tip is 10 units and commission is not included

*** Horse Racing Results | Latest Tip Results | View as Last Month ***

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Todays Sports Betting Tips - Click headers to sort - All tips submitted before 12:30

Date Sport  Tip Tipster Rating Tipster Ratings OddsBookieEx Odds£ Matched
00114:10 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Five Amarones  Superted3ratingratingrating 5.00BetfBetfair 4.70360.50
00214:10 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Bengali SpiritBig Al3ratingratingrating 3.75PaddPaddy Power 3.95415.89
00314:40 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win PioneeringSuperted3ratingratingrating 5.50Bet3Bet365 4.801301.27
004?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Pinpoint5ratingratingratingratingrating ??LadbLadbrokes ????
005?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *  Pinpoint5ratingratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
00615:10 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win AtleticoJennifer192ratingrating 5.50Bet3Bet365 4.70660.20
00715:40 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Uptown FunkSuperted3ratingratingrating 5.00Bet3Bet365 4.20367.23
008?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Pinpoint5ratingratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
00916:10 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Shatharaat  Jennifer192ratingrating 3.00Bet3Bet365 3.55146.03
01016:50 HHorse Racing Wind-> E/w Perfect PastimeSuperted3ratingratingrating 15.00Sky Sky Bet 15.5027.25
01117:15 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Crosse FireJennifer192ratingrating 4.50Bet3Bet365 4.60224.68
01217:20 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Karalini  Big Al3ratingratingrating 3.50Bet3Bet365 3.950.01
01317:30 HHorse Racing Navan-> E/w MarkhanBig Al3ratingratingrating 26.00Bet3Bet365 22.004.01
01417:45 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Delph CrescentSuperted3ratingratingrating 9.00BetfBetfair 8.6094.27
01517:45 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Delph CrescentBig Al3ratingratingrating 9.00PaddPaddy Power 8.6094.27
01617:50 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Majestic HeroBig Al3ratingratingrating 6.50Bet3Bet365 6.20378.17
01718:00 HHorse Racing Navan-> Win Washington DcJennifer192ratingrating 2.50Bet3Bet365 2.60313.19
01818:00 HHorse Racing Navan-> Win Washington DcBig Al3ratingratingrating 2.50PaddPaddy Power 2.60313.19
01918:20 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Gift Of HeraBig Al3ratingratingrating 13.00Bet3Bet365 12.0052.18
02018:20 HHorse Racing Wind-> E/w Gift Of HeraJennifer192ratingrating 13.00Bet3Bet365 12.0052.18
02118:50 HHorse Racing Wind-> E/w FabianskiSuperted3ratingratingrating 19.00Bet3Bet365 23.009.66
022?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *Pinpoint5ratingratingratingratingrating ??Bet3Bet365 ????
02319:30 HHorse Racing Navan-> Win Southern FranceJennifer192ratingrating 3.25Bet3Bet365 4.205.24
02419:30 HHorse Racing Navan-> Win Southern FranceBig Al3ratingratingrating 3.25PaddPaddy Power 4.205.24
02520:00 HHorse Racing Navan-> Win Days Without EndSuperted3ratingratingrating 3.00PaddPaddy Power 3.0038.08

Tournament and Ante Post Sports Betting Tips

Date Sport  Tip Tipster Rating Tipster Ratings OddsBookieEx Odds£ Matched
00105/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Without ParoleSuperted3ratingratingrating 34.00PaddPaddy Power 0.000.00
00205/05 HHorse Racing KentuckyDerby-> Win Audible    Superted3ratingratingrating 13.00WillWilliam Hill 0.000.00

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Full Tables

Here are the full Tipster Table standings. Click on the info icon or the stars themselves for information about our rating system. Click on the underlined column headers to sort. Gold stars are given to those who provide excellent reasoning. P denotes premium tipster.

Tipster Table for Horse Racing (All time)

 Name TT RatingTipster Ratings W/L Profit £RS Profit £Strike RateROI
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 859/2988 +6675.207072.5122.3%17.4%
2 Big Al Horse Racing  3ratingratingrating 1634/4827 +2939.512939.5125.3%4.5%
3 Pinpoint Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 561/2055 +2693.542635.9421.4%10.3%
4 Tipwise WS Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 317/904 +2397.672419.5126.0%19.6%
5 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 543/1143 +2338.442331.6932.2%13.9%
6 Kalatari Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 262/1972 +2229.772229.7711.7%10.0%
7 Daily Nap Horse Racing  5ratingratingratingratingrating 373/881 +2055.111883.5129.7%16.4%
8 Pointage Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 264/1698 +1589.681459.6813.5%8.1%
9 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 403/2035 +1327.631244.6116.5%5.4%
10 Hicko65 Horse Racing  4ratingratingratingrating 587/1633 +1316.151296.1526.4%5.9%
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Table for Footy & Tennis (All time)

 Name TT RatingTipster Ratings W/L Profit £RS Profit £Strike RateROI
1 Bet Monkey Football  4ratingratingratingrating 355/823 +854.50854.5030.1%7.3%
2 Footy Movers Football  3ratingratingrating 323/732 +241.70241.7030.6%2.3%
3 Brian Tennis Tennis  4ratingratingratingrating 85/97 +156.80160.8046.7%8.6%
4 Brian Footy Football  3ratingratingrating 110/242 +6.60-3.4031.3%0.2%
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Latest Comments

Here are the latest comments. If you like a tip or a tipster has made you some money please thank them!

Comment On Tip:

Should of won full blame on jockey would of been a great NAP but with the amount of bad jockeys riding things like this can happen : (
Superted said on 22 Apr 18 at 15:21

Comment On Tip:

it was a pretty easy (Tricast: £289.56)
Dynamite21 said on 22 Apr 18 at 15:08

Comment On Tip:

missed the race, i will watch it later.
Dynamite21 said on 22 Apr 18 at 15:06

Comment On Tip:

Dicky Johnson fluffed his lines here but definitely in the notebook
Superted said on 22 Apr 18 at 15:01

Comment On Tip:

A blast from the past a winner tonight for Brett Doyle on Ghostwatch
Superted said on 21 Apr 18 at 21:59

Comment On Tip:

Maybe one of your LOLLIPOPS.
Superted said on 21 Apr 18 at 20:01

Comment On Tip:

You've defo got something all you need is electricSHOCK treatment or a horse shaped suppository.
Dynamite21 said on 21 Apr 18 at 19:44

Comment On Tip:

Frustrating just couldn't get the right combo's today but progress being made
Superted said on 21 Apr 18 at 18:22

Comment On Tip:

Its superstition I gave reasoning last time it was lashed in off 95 never made cut so pulled in consolation race plus there not fucking guesses
Superted said on 21 Apr 18 at 17:41

Comment On Tip:

btw Excellent antepost NAP (pity there was no reasoning) oh of course "you didn't have the time" arseholes!
Dynamite21 said on 21 Apr 18 at 16:51

Comment On Tip:

NO! the old betting orifice.
Dynamite21 said on 21 Apr 18 at 16:48

Comment On Tip:

You could of mentioned you backed Savalas lol unless you just shoved a lollipop up the wily old orifice
Superted said on 21 Apr 18 at 16:00

Comment On Tip:

"Who loves ya baby?" KaCHING!
Dynamite21 said on 21 Apr 18 at 15:45

Comment On Tip:

Left this out cause I couldn't get the price I wanted : (
A disaster of a day for me today no matter what happens now
Superted said on 21 Apr 18 at 14:46

Comment On Tip:

Load of bollocks may as well of picked a 9/2 winner : (
Superted said on 21 Apr 18 at 13:37

Comment On Tip:

Nice one Dynamite, wasn't sure of the exact R4 in this one - cheers.
Brian said on 21 Apr 18 at 13:13

Comment On Tip:

35p rule4
Dynamite21 said on 21 Apr 18 at 11:24

Comment On Tip:

Big Al said on 21 Apr 18 at 10:27

Comment On Tip:

Big Al said on 21 Apr 18 at 10:24

Comment On Tip:

Yes sad news Superted. Not sure if increased media/news outlets and more celebrities means that it just feels like this stuff happens more or whether more people are struggling with the pressures of modern life. Probably a combination to be honest. RIP
Brian said on 20 Apr 18 at 22:39

Comment On Tip:

Ah that might work cheers D21. Will try and get that working asap.
Brian said on 20 Apr 18 at 22:34

Comment On Tip:

DoouuGAN in the old gold scores again...
Dynamite21 said on 20 Apr 18 at 19:28