Paddy Power Review

Paddy Power Review

No prizes for guessing that Paddy Power are an Irish bookmaker and they are one of the most well-known bookies around. When you think Paddy Power you usually think of 2 things. Banter and Money Back Specials. If you like both of these (and why wouldn’t you?) then having a Paddy Power account is for you.

If you bet on the horses then an account with Paddy Power is a must have as they regularly ads extra payout places to Racing Events  and sometimes Golfing events too, often up to as many as six or seven places.

Paddy Power are famous for their often controversial advertisements where they really push the boundaries of what is acceptable. Who can forget the TV advert of the blind football team accidentally booting the cat because of the bell?! They push the boundaries of what is acceptable and the recent Oscar Pistorious "will he walk" advert was perhaps sailing a bit too close to the edge.

If you are on twitter then make sure you follow @PaddyPower for some of the best sporting banter around. One of my recent  favs was this classic following Real Madrid's Champion's league win:

They also come up with some great photoshop jobs too such as this one of Big Sam Allardyce and Miley Cyrus:

Paddy Power are also renowned for paying out early before a bet has actually won but is well on its way to winning. They've also been known to give justice payouts where the punter didn't get value for me because someone was injured or quit the competition early.

Many of the standard ways of depositing and withdrawing methods are available e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Laser, Switch, Delta, Solo, Neteller, Skrill and Paypal. The minimum withdrawal is £10 or €10. The maximum daily withdrawal is £2000 or €2500.

Pounds and Euros are the only currencies accepted by Paddy power and they are targeted towards the UK and European Betting Markets.

We've lost count of the amount of times we've been granted our money back on a bet with Paaddy Power. Finding your money back in your account after a losing bet all because Suarez or someone scored the last goal is such a great feeling!

The betting world would be a much duller place without Paddy Power and we highly recommend having an account with them.


(All time)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  1068/3497 +6295.78
2 Big Al Horse Racing  2089/5953 +3632.12
3 Pinpoint Horse Racing  939/2924 +2961.15
4 Kalatari Horse Racing  312/2201 +2435.73
5 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  687/1457 +2324.68
6 Tipwise WS Horse Racing  599/1612 +2080.80
7 Superted Horse Racing  962/5567 +1960.75
8 Daily Nap Horse Racing  378/908 +1922.04
9 Pointage Horse Racing  264/1698 +1589.68
10 BettorValue Horse Racing  106/825 +1413.60
The stake for each tip is 10 units

in February

 Name W/L Profit £
1 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  9/28 +438.00
2 Bet Monkey Football  6/2 +158.60
3 Tipwise Horse Racing  10/28 +98.00
4 Big Dawg Greyhounds  9/13 +88.70
5 DaveStevos Horse Racing  2/4 +41.25
6 Footy Movers Football  10/21 +40.20
7 Pinpoint Horse Racing  17/45 +9.95
8 Superted Horse Racing  12/35 -2.00
9 Big Al Horse Racing  27/63 -7.90
10 Touchdowner American football  0/1 -10.00
The stake for each tip is 10 units