Holy Grail Subscriptions 2015/16

*** The Holy Grail fell short of breaking even to Betfair exchange prices for the 2015/16 season. Whilst results would have significantly been improved using the standard bookmakers we felt that the service had under performed and we have refunded all subscribers. Our own betting accounts saw increases of thousands of pounds over the last season and a half, only for those profits to be pretty much wiped out. That season and a half, the last 10 years of data for prior seasons, plus extended success with the Bet Monkey selections, gave us no reason to doubt that things would turn around again before the end of the season but it just hasn’t happened. Is there a bug in our system, is it simply an extended period of bad luck or have the markets changed. There is lots to analyse. ***

Summary of Holy Grail articles posted to date

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*** UPDATED - ‘Money Back Guarantee’ for the forthcoming season ***

Should the Holy Grail not make a profit for the 2015/16 season your season long subscription fees will be returned to you. This will be calculated based on all games recommended per country(s) you’ve subscribed for and using the odds we found at the time of sending the alert but they’ll usually be better out there anyway. It will also only apply if you subscribe throughout the whole season. Month to month results can vary and we strongly advise not to dip in and out of the system.

After over 2 years of providing the hugely profitable Bet Monkey tips for free and the Holy Grail (from which Bet Monkey tips originate) in full for a large part of last season, we've decided to request a subscription from 2015/16.

After feedback from our most valued subscribers and comparing against similar systems, we feel the prices in the table below are a fair representation of where the system should be.

The Bet Monkey tips make up most of the cost as they contain the selections with the biggest value (top 5 in each game week). We price up every game however and the Full Holy Grail System contains those selections with a big enough edge to provide us with the biggest overall profit. If you are not yet familiar with the results from the Full Holy Grail Service please see the table and file at the bottom of this page for more info.

This season we also have selections for 4 new countries which have also shown a profit historically over the last 10 seasons.

If you'd like to subscribe for the whole season upfront and receive a DISCOUNT then please email us

If you want to sign up on a monthly basis please use the paypal buttons below.

Subscriptions Price List

England 5 N £500 £55 £400 £45
Germany 1 N £150 £20 £100 £15
BOTH £650 £75 £500 £60


Full Holy Grail Tips Bet Monkey Subset Tips
Payment Options
Payment Options

Holy Grail results to date

Below is a list of our results backtested against the last 10 seasons and we also have similarly solid results from our first season proper betting. The document gives you an idea of both what to expect and what is possible. Bear in mind that for convenience our actual bets were largely placed with betfair and returns with bookies such as Pinnacle or SBO Bet would undoubtedly be much higher

2004/05 2036 1506 25% +6.60%
2005/06 2498 1746 26% +8.40%
2006/07 2588 1524 24% +16.10%
2007/08 2588 1522 27% +9.50%
2008/09 2588 1698 29% +12.10%
2009/10 2570 1532 27% +18.70%
2010/11 2576 1749 25% +15.40%
2011/12 2588 1956 27% +5.10%
2012/13 2588 2262 24% +8.30%
2013/14 2588 2450 25% +15.20%


Full Holy Grail Tips Bet Monkey Subset Tips
Payment Options
Payment Options


Holy Grail Login

Table for Footy & Tennis (All time)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Bet Monkey Football  287/627 +875.90
2 ColdGold Football  276/266 +639.29
3 Alcuni Football  147/248 +355.55
4 Footy Movers Football  132/310 +291.30
5 AntaeusTen Tennis  74/126 +178.20
6 MJH Footy Football  77/147 +158.60
7 ValueBets Football  76/199 +130.20
8 Brian Tennis Tennis  76/73 +91.90
9 Brian Footy Football  69/148 +58.90
10 HG-AHCaps Football  40/44 -22.40
The stake for each tip is 10 units

Table for Horse Racing (All time)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  447/2020 +4096.46
2 Big Al Horse Racing  1067/3202 +2473.59
3 Eagle Eyes Horse Racing  459/2029 +2338.33
4 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  182/809 +1802.35
5 Kalatari Horse Racing  138/1368 +1775.75
6 BettorValue Horse Racing  103/750 +1513.60
7 BVSystemBets Horse Racing  91/602 +1054.88
8 DaveStevos Horse Racing  79/274 +1007.05
9 Market Movers Horse Racing  329/1518 +923.60
10 Superted Horse Racing  421/2657 +665.56
The stake for each tip is 10 units

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