Colossus Bets Review

Colossus Bets Review

Colossus bets are a unique betting service that offer betting pool games on major European football matches. Those who regularly bet on the horses and the tote will be familiar with this type of betting. If you're not though then think National Lottery but more fun and think accumulators but with better chances of winning. Unlike the lottery however, there's actually some skill in picking the 'balls'. In this case the balls are football matches and statistically you have a much better chance of winning the jackpot.

Potential to win up to £10 million

Colossus bets is known primarily for its £10,000,000 super bet where you need to select the correct scores in seven football matches chosen by them. Players who achieve this feat will win a share of the total prize money which will be guaranteed to be at least five million pounds. In addition, these winning players will be eligible to win a bonus of at least an additional five million pounds should they successfully predict the score in the Bonus leg.

Additional Consolation Pool

Just predicting the outcomes of the seven matches will make you eligible for the consolation pool. There are also other games where only correct predictions on match outcomes are required. Like the lottery, if there is no winner the stakes get rolled over to the next game until someone hits the jackpot. Quick picks similar to lucky dips are available and are picked from the statistically more likely selections.

Unique Cash Out Opportunities

You can also cash in your ticket by selling parts of it back to Colossus bets should selections be going your way at half time or between staggered matches. This is similar to the way you can cash out on Betfair only you can choose to cash out a portion of your ticket and keep the rest in play.

Main Advantages

Colossus Bets take around 30% on bets which is very good when you compare this to around 80% which is taken by the bookies on a 7-fold accumulator and a take out of around 50% on the national lottery.

Betting with Colossus Bets is one of your best opportunities of making big returns from a small outlay.

Stakes range from only 20p and the default stake of some games is £2 but you can change the stake per line to suit you. There aren’t really any disadvantages but the site is geared towards UK customers in terms of the currency stated etc. but they do accept customers from all over the world except USA. All of the main payment types are accepted including Debit Cards (Maestro/Mastercard and Visa), Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) - all via WorldPay, PayPal and Skrill.

Try for Free!

Colossus Bets are offering new customers 3 free goes on the Colossus. It’s proving to be a very popular site and we advise taking advantage of this offer while you can.

CLICK HERE to create your Colossus account and take advantage of the free offer.

(All time)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  968/3127 +7282.01
2 Big Al Horse Racing  1816/5257 +3255.28
3 Pinpoint Horse Racing  721/2452 +3050.62
4 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  635/1317 +2368.15
5 Kalatari Horse Racing  276/2049 +2022.10
6 Daily Nap Horse Racing  374/887 +2017.61
7 Tipwise WS Horse Racing  383/1124 +1867.65
8 Pointage Horse Racing  264/1698 +1589.68
9 Hicko65 Horse Racing  587/1633 +1316.15
10 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  473/2283 +1263.35
The stake for each tip is 10 units

in August

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Hcap Service Horse Racing  11/33 +81.81
2 Tipwise Horse Racing  15/12 +73.26
3 On The Ball Football  2/0 +52.47
4 On The Nose Horse Racing  23/63 +49.60
5 Big Al Horse Racing  21/46 +0.20
6 Next Best All  5/9 -2.40
7 DaveStevos Horse Racing  1/3 -7.50
8 SpeedRatings Horse Racing  6/9 -17.87
9 Bet Monkey Football  6/15 -24.50
10 Pinpoint Horse Racing  10/38 -38.60
The stake for each tip is 10 units