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Pricewise Tips – ‘The world’s best tipster’


Probably the best known successful tipster on the horses is Racing Post’s Pricewise. John McCririck referred to him as the world’s best tipster and his tips are the ones the majority of racing fans looks for first. For those that don’t know the man behind the Pricewise persona is Tom Segal.

With little information about his record online we have recorded the performance of Pricewise Tips for over 2 years. We can confirm that he does make a profit but he doesn’t compare to the very best horse racing tipsters on our site.

Studies past races and form

Tom spends many hours watching past races and studying form to try and find horses at value prices. His tips are usually selections at big prices and although his losing streaks can be big, he comes up with enough winners at prices good enough to make very nice profits. Opinion of his tipping seems to change from week to week and impatient novice punters declare him rubbish, only for him to become the best thing since sliced bread when he finds another huge priced winner.

Finds big priced winners but stakes should be small

We here at Betting Tools have followed Pricewise’s tips each Saturday for the past 6 months and as you can see form our Tipster Table the results are very impressive. The trouble though that most people have when betting on his tips is that they bet too much and consequently can’t withstand a bad losing streak.

Good advice to anyone following his tips is to set your stake for 6 months or even the year and don’t change it. Set it to something that you know you will be able to bet on as much as 30, 40 or even 50 times over. Even if that’s a few quid, it should still be enough to make a nice healthy return and staying in the game is one of the most important aspects of betting.

Get on early for best price

A lot of people want to know just how profitable his tips are and it does depend on a number of factors. Firstly are you talking all his tips and at the prices he advertises in the Racing post or the start price. Well we aren’t the quickest to get to the Pricewise tips but generally put them on the site before 10:30. We use the prices we get (with best odds guaranteed) then because we want it to be simulate what prices your average punter can get.

Lots of profit but need to maintain faith through losing streaks

As previously mentioned we started off by only following his Saturday tips and they have proved very profitable for us but he has struggled during the big festivals which we also now include in the Pricewise Record. There will be bad losing spells so expect them and you’ll be less disappointed. These kind of losing streaks are inevitable when backing at value prices like this but it is also the best way to make the most profit long term. so it is important to maintain the faith and take a long term view 6 month or a year when assessing profit and loss.

Pricewise doesn’t account for going

An interesting thing to note about Pricewise tips is that he does get told which races to make his selections from. There’ll usually be a lot of runners and although filtering tips isn’t recommended if you think a race is particularly difficult to price up you may decide to swerve one of his tips. Pricewise also makes his selections a day or more before and so his selections aren’t based on any kind of ground or going. This could make it possible to effectively filter Pricewise’s tips and make even more profit! Here is a good video about Tom discussing how he goes about finding his tips:

One thing’s for sure though is that these tips have done better than any other horse racing tips we’ve come across. We have found that many horse racing tipsters feel comfortable backing much shorter selections and  backing too many of these  just doesn’t provide any value long term. Finding value, most of the time at bigger prices is going to be more rewarding in the long run if you can withstand the losing streaks.

Get free alerts when Pricewise selections are posted

So get your staking plan right and start following Pricewise’s tips. If you submit your email address on the Pricewise page here:  you can get them sent directly to your inbox when we post them on our website as long as you are either a profitable tipster or a contributor i.e. you post comments. If you are neither of these you can pay £10 a month to get tipster email alerts from our site.

Some people prefer to bet on Pricewise’s tips each way and if you aren’t sure about the often confusing placing rules then make sure you bookmark this page to help you:

Bet365 and William Hill have been best price on over half of Pricewise’s tips when we’ve gone to bet on them so these are 2 accounts well worth having if you plan to bet on Pricewise’s selections.


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