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November Prizes

November Prizes


Well November started pretty well but it certainly didn’t end it! I think it was one of the most difficult months we’ve seen overall but the good news is that if you’ve survived that one, the rest should be a breeze.

There are still plenty of positives to take and the mark of success is making sure that you limit the damage when things are bad and that you put yourself in a position to get lucky. The luck didn’t really come this month but many of the top tipsters still finished with a small profit and in a month like this is as good as a huge amount of winners in my opinion.

BVBiggies returned some whopping winners but being part of a premium subscription, the top prize instead goes to Superted this month who has 125/1 shot White Valiant to thank for his November triumph.

It’s great to see a few old names back in Culvey, The Chief and McGhee and The Chief will have surprised nobody by finishing second in his first month since returning.

Well done to the usual suspects, Eagle, KT, AJ and WhippaSnappa AKA Ron who continue to show some incredible consistency. ApprenticeJo (AJ) deserves a special mention as he has now finished with a profit for an incredible SEVEN months in a row! Thanks too to DaveStevos for chucking in a nice big winner on Shelbe and a place or two.

Season’s greetings to all and I hope Santa brings us all plenty of luck, we deserve it!

I’m really looking forward to 2017 and have plenty of ideas to improve the site. As always keep your suggestions coming and thanks to those who have sent me some already.


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing 
Superted -> £25
The Chief -> £30
Eagle Eyes -> £20
ApprenticeJo -> £10
DaveStevos -> £10

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
Alcuni -> £25
ColdGold -> £30
AntaeusTen -> £20

October Prizes

October Prizes


Going to keep this short and sweet as I’ve been struggling for time this last week. Server crashes and email problems have kept me unexpectedly busy. I’m still getting bounce backs from Hotmail, yahoo, live and outlook email addresses so if anyone is using one of those please update it to a gmail or another provider to make sure you receive the tips. I initially thought the site had been hacked but thankfully it turned out not to be the case.

Well done to Kalatari for blowing the competition out of the water in an epic display of tipping. He finished with nearly double the profit of his nearest rival Eagle Eyes.

October was a very strong month and saw one of the best Saturday’s I think we will ever see on the horses. I still can’t quite believe how many winners there were and at huge prices too.

I’m keen to make plans to improve the site further in the coming months so if you have anything you’d like to see or think would make a good addition please let me know. All suggestions welcome no matter how stupid they may be (I may regret saying that).

Thanks to all participants and good luck finding some juicy value over the winter months!

Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing 
Kalatari -> £50
Eagle Eyes -> £30
ApprenticeJo -> £20
Big Al -> £10
DaveStevos -> £10

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
ValueBets -> £25



BV Premium Tipping Service

BV Premium Tipping Service

From the 1st of November I am transitioning both the BVSystemBets and BettorValue profiles into a premium service, offering a horse racing advisory service for investment-minded individuals who seek to make good profits from horse racing without having to study the form book or seek statistical angles to bet themselves.

For the last 20 months or so I have proofed my tips to Betting Tools. There have been highs and there have been lows, but overall I have amassed an impressive level of profit across both BV profiles (BVSystemBets & BettorValue), second only to Tipwise (Ron) overall.

Those who have followed my selections have enjoyed winners across the whole odds spectrum and in particular the BVSystemBets profile has never been in negative territory since day one.

Both profiles show a very good yield, and I aim to increase this considerably over the coming months. In particular I have made it a point to ensure that BV followers can generally get on at the odds I put the selections up at… this sometimes means I have put a lower price than what’s available at times to ensure this is the case and to keep my yield transparent.

The new BV Premium service will include both BVSystemBets and BettorValue selections.

At present the BettorValue profile is locked to 2 selections a day, and this will continue to be the case. Both selections will represent huge value over the tissue odds I generate, allows providing a large profit margin to ensure we care constantly ahead of the game and punishing the bookie at every opportunity.

We don’t win every time, but when we do win it’s at odds that are far greater than they should be. Looking back at my betting history you can see for yourself the gains that can be made, even on a losing run the recovery is relatively quick with 1 or 2 at decent prices getting us right back up there.

My philosophy is that with every loser we are one step closer to a winner. And with every winner we are making such a good profit margin that the insulation against losers becomes immense. That’s not to say we won’t suffer losing runs, but when they do happen we are well prepared for them and any money lost is only on ‘loan’ to the bookie until it comes time to collect with huge interest on the winners.

I am not a conventional tipster, a fact that cannot be argued. In fact it is probably the unconventional nature of my tipping that makes my tips so profitable. I go against the market – it’s a game I play with them and aim to win at every opportunity. Of course it doesn’t always pan out the way I want it to, but overall the market hates what I do because I always come out taking money from them in the end.

I am a firm believer that the only way to make money is to punt value. To seek angles, and statistical advantage that mainstream punters generally ignore. It is this ‘value approach’ that has seen me tipping up horses as big as 100/1 that win and place.

I know there are a lot of BV Followers lurking in the shadows and we have enjoyed a good run over the last 20 months. It’s a natural progression that I take this to the next level and I am hoping that a good few followers have enough faith in me long term to subscribe and continue to benefit from my value and system horse racing tips.

So What Will You Get When You Subscribe?

Firstly, the level of information I provide for each tip will be in depth. At present I ‘summarize’ my thinking in my writeups for the value selections, and provide very little insight into my thinking on the system bets.

However, when you consider that tonight (Thurs, 20th October) I highlighted Lady Bacchus as a big price in the comments on the Betting Tools website at 33/1 and stated she was a huge value bet at 33/1 from a yard that are doing well – and she was only narrowly beaten by a short head into 2nd, that is the sort of insight I will be providing in my write ups exclusively for BV Subscribers. Indeed, while I will put up a selection, in some races I may point out additional value or system plays at big odds for small outlay and big upside if and when they play out like they did tonight.

When you consider tonight I also tipped up a 100/1 shot that was available at 125/1 in places at the time of tipping, and it ran as I expected and hit the frame, paying out more than the 1st and 2nd horse, that is the sort of plays we will be making regularly – and as a BV Subscriber you will be privy to my insight and thinking on races such as this. You didn’t see that horse tipped up anywhere else today at 100/1 e/w and we were on it to hit the frame.

My betting record is full of ‘biggies’. It’s up to you whether you punt them to win or e/w. I provide the information and you get the opportunity to act on it. Like the 100/1 shot we punted right down to 12/1 that duly bolted up recently – as BV Followers you had first run at that price, the market simply followed our lead in that respect.

The fact that I’m different in my approach is my strength. Tipsters are a dime a dozen, but tipsters with an ‘edge’ are a rare commodity. It’s the ‘edge’ I have that ensures we make money!

Who’s the BV Premium Service for?

Well, let me start by first telling you who it’s NOT for. It’s not for punters who want to place a few quid on a selection at big odds and hope for the best. Picking and choosing which one they want to punt and which one they want to ignore. This is just gambling in my mind and overall people who do that rely on luck to a large degree.

Instead, the type of Subscriber I know I want is investment minded. Who knows my record, has confidence in my ability, and simply wants to follow my lead on each bet. There’s no luck involved, each tip has risk calculated, a profit margin built in, and when things fall right the horse wins or places and its job done. I know there are a few BV followers like that out there… you are the ones I want to bring on board with this new service.

You will need a decent size betting bank and be willing to stake at least £10 on each selection, or in the case of multiple selections split stakes to the value of £10.

The sort of person I am looking for will keep a concise betting record, be able to measure performance, and be ready and able to place the bets the minute I advise them to ensure they obtain the same prices I do. I am thinking a limit of 10-15 Subscribers would be good and I have advised Brian to close the doors once that limit has been met, so if you are on board then let Brian know asap and secure your place now.

The sort of subscriber I’m looking for will view this as a business opportunity rather than another opportunity to gamble. It’s serious business, and with every business there is always the assumption that a very decent return on investment will be achieved.

I will be backing every selection I put up with my own cash also. This forces me to ensure we are growing our betting bank together – if you put your faith in me to provide the tips, its only fair I place my money where my mouth is and follow suit.

So What’s the Monthly Outlay?

The monthly subscription is £99.95. That equates to around £3.33 a day (over a 30 day period) and is equivalent to a cup of coffee at Costas each day. Same level of enjoyment, but a far better return on investment!

If you think the monthly subscription is expensive, you are right! It is. And for good reason… I want this to be a premium service in every sense and quality costs. If you baulk at the subscription price the service is not for you and I wish you well.

But, if you are like the gentleman who took my word the 100/1 shot we backed last month was sound, and stuck something like £30 e/w on it based on my advice – then you are surely the sort of person I want to be a part of the BV team in the future and I promise you there will be many more opportunities to profit like that again in the future if you subscribe to my premium service.


I know I am unconventional. I am like marmite, you either love me or hate me. If you love me you have made money following me, if you hate me you have not followed me and missed out on some very big priced winners.

Love me or hate me, you cannot deny I am good at what I do and you have to respect that the BV insight is different from anything you have seen before. Big headed I am for sure, confidence in my ability to deliver is essential in this game. The minute you lack confidence you are doomed and its a downward spiral from there!

So, if you have enjoyed some nice priced winners, if you love me rather than hate me, and want to ensure you are on the positive side of the betting ledger in the future, then the obvious next step is to subscribe to the BV Premium Service now. Secure your place and get ready for the 1st of November when the journey really begins.

As with all premium tipster accounts, you will have the option of cancelling your subscription at any time. If the service doesn’t make a profit overall (2 profiles combined) in any particular month you can cancel and request a refund for that month. I know Brian does have some restrictions about rejoining if you do cancel and request a refund… but the option is there as a guarantee, and there are not many (if any) tipsters who provide that level of assurance in this day and age.

To subscribe, contact Brian by email at: and he will arrange to get you on board. I am in this for the long term, so only join if you have a winning mindset, can suffer a few losers along the way to betting profits, and know that with each loser we are one step closer to landing the next winner.

Of course the betting record will also continue to be displayed on the Betting Tools website also. There will be ups and downs, it’s still horse racing afterall, and there are no guarantees – other than that my undivided attention is applied to every selection, that value is at the forefront of my mind, and that every bet placed has the odds on our side.

The BV Premium Service starts on the 1st of November, the BV tips will still be accessible to BT subscribers up until then, and when you consider this month alone I have generated +35pts profit so far across both BV profiles the proof I am a good bet to build your betting bank long term.

The gap widens…

The gap widens…

We’re now 3 days into the betfair exchange experiment and profits tailed off as expected from day 1 but the important thing is how results compare. So…

Profit backing the tips win only with the bookies: £651.60

Profit backing with betfair exchange: £210.50

When I started this experiment I by no means expected betafir to come out on top but I did expect the gap to be closer. Currently the profits with bookies are over 3 times that of betfair!

We are both happy and can afford to take a bit of hit for having all our bets placed automatically for us but this is too much and we could easily end up at a big loss come the end of the month if we continue like this.

So, how can we close the gap? The most obvious thing that isn’t working is taking betfair start price when the tipster listed odds aren’t available. Betfair start price may well be better than the bookies start price but it’s still never a value proposition it seems.

I initially decided to use betfair start price to mitigate against markets being ill formed and taking something daft like 1.05 on a horse but the data is showing that overall it will still work out be better to always take the price available when listed.

As you can see from the table below, the difference is prices are huge when Start price is taken. In some cases it won’t be as bad as it looks below because we haven’t taken off the rule 4 reductions from the listed odds but they have been factored into the betfair odds. That said there are too many huge differences even when there are non-runners.

So from now on we’ll revert to placing all bets as soon as they are posted and let’s see if we can close the gap. If we do get any silly early prices we will have to think of another way to mitigate against that, possibly looking at liquidity or checking that they are 90% of the listed pirce. Possibly even avoiding some selections completely.

Selection Tipster Odds inc BOG Betfair Odds Diff. SP Taken
Wind-> Win Tiercel Big Al 4 3.55 -0.45 N
Wind-> Win Geneva Convention Big Al 6 5.59 -0.41 Y
Ponte-> E/w Shouranour Eagle Eyes 21 5.3 -15.7 Y
Wind-> Win Wild Hacked Pinpoint 7 6.84 -0.16 N
Wind-> Win Wild Hacked Market Movers 5.2 5.2 0 N
Sthl-> E/w Ballyrock Roland65 21 21 0 N
Wind-> Win Glorious Forever ApprenticeJo 4.33 2.73 -1.6 Y
Uttox-> Win Dawnieriver Pinpoint 5.5 2.66 -2.84 N
Uttox-> E/w Cobajayisland Hicko65 7.5 7.13 -0.37 N
Hunt-> Win Presenting Lisa Pinpoint 5 4.5 -0.5 Y
Uttox-> E/w Tantamount Hicko65 8.5 9.4 0.9 N
Tottenham v Man City Holy Grail 3.15 3.1 -0.05 N
Tottenham v Man City Footy Movers 3.2 3.15 -0.05 N
Kelso-> Win Makethedifference Pointage 8 6.42 -1.58 Y
Wolv-> Win Mukaabra Big Al 4.5 3.47 -1.03 Y
Wolv-> Win John T Chance Superted 4.5 5.01 0.51 Y
Newm-> Win Elysian Fields BVSystemBets 11 9.99 -1.01 Y
Ascot-> Win Shamshon Superted 9 6.6 -2.4 Y
Ascot-> Win Shamshon ApprenticeJo 7.5 6.6 -0.9 Y
Redc-> Win Father Bertie Pinpoint 7 7.2 0.2 N
Ascot-> Win Easy Road BettorValue 17 5.55 -11.45 Y
Newm-> E/w Ervedya Dynamite21 5 4.96 -0.04 N
Ascot-> Win Librisa Breeze Big Al 6.5 6 -0.5 N
Ascot-> Win Librisa Breeze Market Movers 6 6 0 N
Newm-> Win Sharja Queen Big Al 7 6.24 -0.76 N
Newm-> Win Sharja Queen Pinpoint 7 5.91 -1.09 N
Preston v Aston Villa Holy Grail 3.55 3.6 0.05 N
Bolton v Oxford Holy Grail 4 3.75 -0.25 N
Grimsby v Hartlepool Holy Grail 4.5 4.4 -0.1 N
Wycombe v Exeter Holy Grail 2.56 2.46 -0.1 N
Maidstone v Solihull Holy Grail 4 4 0 N
Preston v Aston Villa Footy Movers 3.15 3.6 0.45 N
Northampton v Bristol Rovers Footy Movers 3.15 3.55 0.4 N
Redc-> Win Thello BVSystemBets 11 9 -2 N
Ascot-> E/w Move Up Eagle Eyes 11 9 -2 N
Ascot-> Win Move Up Superted 8.5 8.6 0.1 N
Ascot-> Win Move Up BVSystemBets 9 9 0 N
Ascot-> Win Move Up Market Movers 7 7 0 N

Overall Difference in prices: -44.73 (Deductions on listed odds not included)

Difference in prices for non-start price bets: -8.66


100/1 winner and record profits!

100/1 winner and record profits!


September will forever be remembered for BettorValue’s (BV) epic 100/1 winner day.

This is not the first time that BettingTools tipsters have found a 100/1 winner and this latest one resulted in September 2016 being the highest ever recorded month at the tipster Table.

Having tipped Quinteo twice under his two different profiles, this 100/1 winner accounted for a large amount of the overall monthly profit but the overall return without this was still very pleasing and the site finished on around 2400 units of profit.

Tipsters Eagle, ApprenticeJo, Pointage and WhippaSnappa all recorded excellent returns and plenty of others finished the right side of breakeven too.

It was another hugely profitable month for the Market Movers after a late flurry of winners and premium service Tipwise finished will in the green again. Over half the tipsters actually finished in profit, with profits far outweighing the losses. What more can we ask?!

There’s been a lot more fruitful betting and racing related discussions between people on the site this month and I think we’re all helping each other to learn more and come up with new ideas which is great. The competition really seems to be spurring the tipsters on.

I myself have started to blog about placing all bets with betfair and how this compares to the returns seen on the board with the bookmakers and I also have other things to contribute for discussion.

Thank you to all for your hard work solving the puzzles and digging out those value selections. Let’s continue to make BettingTools the place for profits!

Prize allocations are below. Please contact me if you’ve never sent me your paypal email address before.


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing
BVSystemsBets -> £25
BettorValue -> £30
Eagle Eyes -> £20
ApprenticeJo -> £10
Pointage -> £5

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
ValueBets -> £25
AntaeusTen -> £15
Alcuni -> £10



Eagle Flying High Once Again

Eagle Flying High Once Again


Eagle Eyes returned to some of his very best form and he was the star of the show in August. Alongside our very own Market Movers profiles and some very nice totals from Dynamite & co, we’ve seen one of the highest ever recorded total here at the Betting Tools Tipster Table. reducing the number of tipsters we have to our top performers only seems to be working well.

Eagle has always been up there with our best tipsters but he’ll be the first to admit that his form has taken a dive in recent months. In his own words he “re-evaluated his methods and started sticking to better quality races” and it’s paid dividends for him. Sometimes we all need to re-evaluate if things aren’t going well after a patient period.

Being part of the Tipster Table makes you a better tipster and that’s a fact! How do we know? Just ask Andy Holding.

Woodseal, a subscriber to the site (and now firm Betting Tools favourite) was so impressed with our tips this month he donated £100 to the price fund. Thanks again for this Woodseal, it’s very much appreciated.

Tipwise was not the only one back to his bets and subscribers will have been delighted with their huge profits of over 450 units! If you aren’t yet following Tipwise you can sign up here. It’s well worth it particularly because if he doesn’t make a profit you can cancel and request a refund.

The Market Movers had an EVEN stronger month than last and it’s looking like we may have unearthed an absolute gem of a strategy. It has currently generated over 1000 units profits in 6 weeks! A yield of over 20% after over 500 bets is pretty damn solid and another 500 bets and we can be absolutely sure about this I reckon.

Full prizes list is below. As always send me your paypal details if I don’t have them.

AntaeusTen has given some decent tip recently and will be eligible for double prize money from now on as long as the reasoning remains strong.

Thanks as always to all tipsters for taking part and good luck in September.


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing
Eagle Eyes -> £50 + £50 Woodseal Bonus
Dynamite21 -> £30 + £20 Woodseal Bonus
Pinpoint -> £20 + £10 Woodseal Bonus
Roland -> £10 + £10 Woodseal Bonus
Pointage -> £5 + £10 Woodseal Bonus

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
Brian Footy -> £50
AntaeusTen -> £15
Miske1x2 -> £10
ColdGold -> £10



Pinpoint Accuracy! (July Prizes)

Pinpoint Accuracy! (July Prizes)

Tipster Table for July 2016

A cracking month with a very impressive profit total for the site of over 800 units of profit to 10 unit stakes and we congratulate Pinpoint for choosing plenty of winning selections and winning the Tipster Table Title for July. He not only fought off a superb month from BettingTools legend Big Al but he also managed to accumulate more profit than the master that is Andy Holding!

Superted had yet another good month and at the risk of jynxing him, the racing expert finally seems to have found the consistency his tipping required.

It was much less competitive in the Footy and Tennis but with the footy season ready to get going this month, that will all change. AntaeusTen takes top spot with an impressive total for tennis betting.

Promoted to gold star status this month is Pinpoint who has impressed with some excellent insight and reasoning in his selections. Remember you qualify for double prize money when you get given this award so make you reasoning good! If you feel you’ve been overlooked for this award let me know and I will take a look.

I am looking at how best to improve the prize money structure. I opened up a thread here and Dynamite has given some decent suggestions. I need to have a proper look at what’s fair and possible for me to give out. I would like to make the prizes a percentage of the totals won as this is a much more professional approach and would stop anyone glory hunting for the ‘top prize’ but I am all ears to opinions on this. I’m hoping that we can have a revised system in place in the next month or so.

Keep your eye on the market movers and WOM alerts (Weight Of Money) this month. It’s early days but I think these profiles will prove to be good for spotting value and even for trading too. If you are aiming to follow them though, they can be triggered very close to the off and a betsender profile (for automated betting or a mobile phone with email alerts and a bookie account that you are already logged into is a must!

Full prizes list is below. As always send me your paypal details if I don’t have them.

Thanks to all tipsters for taking part and good luck in August.


Tipster Prizes -> Horse Racing
Pinpoint -> £25
Big Al -> £15
Superted -> £10
DaveStevos -> £5 + £5 GS Bonus
Racing Beast -> £5 + £5 GS Bonus

Tipster Prizes -> Football and Tennis
AntaeusTen-> £25
ValueBets -> £15
Miske1x2 -> £10
ColdGold -> £5 + £5 GS Bonus
Alcuni-> £5 + £5 GS Bonus



4 and 5 star tips FREE for a month!

4 and 5 star tips FREE for a month!

As I’m sure many of you know by now, the BettingTools Tipster Table houses tips from some of the very best horse racing tipsters on the internet. We ask for a £24.99 subscription to receive tips via email for the very best tipsters and this helps cover site running and admin costs as well as prizes and rewards for our tipsters.

If you are unsure about paying for these and would like to try out the tips from our 4 and 5 star tipsters for a month, then we now have an alternative for you. All you have to do is Sign up to Coral using this sign up to Coral link and send us your Coral username to when complete.

We’ve been looking for sponsorship from a notable bookmaker who can help us make sure the site continues to go from strength to strength and when Coral offered to help I was glad to have them on board. There were other bookies interested in supporting us but I needed to choose a bookmaker worth recommending. The reason I like Coral is that they are trustworthy, having been around longer than almost every other bookie and they have great sign up offers for new customers but don’t neglect their existing ones with plenty of offers for them too.

Interestingly I decided to check how much profit comes from the tips posted with odds from Coral and I was very surprised to see the profit total to be over 5 times higher than bet365 and much more than that above bet victor. I think this is because even though they don’t regularly have the best prices there is standout value to be found on some markets. Coral has been chosen much less frequently than our other top bookies but it’s well worth having an account with them

If you already subscribe to our tips and would still like a month free then again please sign up to Coral here and send me your Coral username as well as your paypal email and I will refund you for the current month.

By doing this you are not only getting a month of the best Tipster Table tips for free but you are enabling the site to keep going by supporting our relationship with our sponsors Coral and I thank you in advance for your help.





Hungary vs Portugal Betting Preview

Hungary vs Portugal Betting Preview

Cristiano Ronaldo will have one last chance of keeping Portugal alive in Euro 2016 when he leads them against Hungary at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais. This Group F fixture will be played on Wednesday, June 22.

Anyone tracking Hungary’s progress in France will be surprised at the way they maximized their potential. Tipped strongly to finish bottom of the pile, they find themselves top of the group going into the final game and with a great chance to remain there. All this had its roots in their opening game performance against Austria. Sitting deep and tight against the rampaging Austrians, Hungary soaked up all the pressure and hurt them on the break. In the end, a 2-0 winning margin was a true reflection of how well Hungary managed to keep their shape and plan their counters. Their next game against Iceland was completely different with Hungary dominating possession but Iceland managing more incision. It looked likely that the tiny nation will grab full points through a Gylfi Sigurdsson penalty but Hungary never gave up and eventually equalized through a Birkir Saevarsson own goal.

With four points and top of the group as they head into their final game, Hungary would probably need just one point to top the group standings. But their progress is not yet confirmed as a Portugal win combined with an Iceland victory over Austria will push Hungary out of automatic qualification. So, there is still so much to play for!

Portugal were primed to underperform ahead of the Euros as many analysts believed that their lack of impact in big tournaments will haunt them again. It did haunt the Portuguese as they started meekly against Iceland eventually finishing with just one point in a game they should have won – and could have easily lost. The frustration in the Portugal camp was evident from the reactions of their talisman Ronaldo. If Iceland game was a case of pure frustration, the game against Austria was a manifestation of their sheer ineffectiveness. Ronaldo was the centre of all attention again as he did everything he could – miss the goal by inches, hit the wood work, miss a penalty and score from an offside position – except winning the match. In the end, the single point was a cruel reminder of the lack of finesse in the final third.

They currently are third in the standing behind Iceland on goal difference but it’s not all gloom for Portugal. A win against Hungary will put them in automatic qualifying positions but a defeat could spiral them tumbling down to the bottom. So much for the cliché all to play for!

Team form

Hungary lost just two of their last ten encounters but have won only four of them. Most of their matches are won or lost by a single goal margin – only two of their last ten matches are decided by a margin of more than one.

Portugal is a case of inconsistency too with just one win in their last four encounters. Barring the 7-0 romp against Estonia they struggle to score multiple goals – just three of their last nine games saw them score more than a goal.

Key players and team news

Hungary could revert back to their 4-5-1 system that they employed against Austria to frustrate Portugal. Right back Attila Fiola could miss out for the Hungarians.

Portugal have no forced changes to make but expect them to make some as they go all out for a win. A change at the top could see Nani or Ricardo Qauresma replaced.

Betting advice

Hungary rely on being a tight unit at the back and have shipped two goals or more only twice in their last ten encounters. Seven of their last ten encounters have resulted in under 2.5 goals which could once again be the case. They lost just two of their last ten matches.

Portugal struggle for goals too and six of their last ten matches have seen under 2.5 goals – though that includes the huge win against Estonia. They won just four of their last nine matches.

It could be another frustrating night for the Portuguese and don’t be surprised if Hungary win on the night.

Best bet

Hungary win or draw (double chance) at odds of 3.0 with Betfred

Ukraine v Northern Ireland Match Preview

Ukraine v Northern Ireland Match Preview

Competition: UEFA Euro 2016
Fixture: Ukraine v Northern Ireland
Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016
Venue: Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Kick off time: 1800 hours GMT

These two sides have played each other a total of four times and it is Ukraine who can boast of having the better of their rivals on the night. The Ukrainians won two games while the other two were drawn. Their history is surely uneventful, however, with the passage of time these sides have improved leaps and bounds and hence you can expect this to be a pacey and spicy encounter.

Having lost each of their opening games, both these teams will have to give it their all. A loss for either can be devastating, possibly sending the loser home. The next game for either side is against World Champions, Germany which will certainly be a tough one and hence nothing can be left for that game.

Ukraine’s form L-W-W-W-W

After falling to a 2-0 loss to Germany in their opening match, Ukraine will have to get their act together soon. A loss in this game could prove to be quite disastrous for the men in yellow.

Many consider Ukraine as the underdogs in the group. Germany and Poland are widely expected to go through to the next round, however owing to the changes in rules, Ukraine should aim to be one of the teams who finish third and still go through.

Andriy Yarmolenko’s side should be able to push Northern Ireland aside with ease. Given that Norther Ireland’s full-backs are not the best in the league, Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka will enjoy their evening out against the two. If they play up to their potential they could make life tough for the Polish side in their final group stage match.

One of their main strengths is their defence. They have a solid defence which has a history of stifling teams with their compact shape and precision defensive line. It took two inch-perfect passes from the German side to break their defence. If they retain their shape in this game, we could see them holding onto a much needed clean sheet.

Northern Ireland’s form L-D-W-W-D

Many believe that Northern Ireland is the weakest of the teams in the group. When their team sheet is compared to the others in the group many would agree that they are not going to make it past the groups. This is their debut stint in the Euros and things only look brighter for the future. If they do not want to be considered as whipping-boys at the Euros they will have to play quality football.

They were quite easily beaten by the Polish side. The score line suggested a close game, but they were all over the place in more than half the game. They were unable to keep the possession while looked toothless in attack.

Things do not look too good for the Northern Irish side. Most of their players play in the Premier League, but as a team are not able to put in the shifts that are required to brush aside teams. This could now be called the United Kingdom syndrome?

Team News and Key Players:

Northern Ireland:
Jonny Evans is one of the most experienced players in the line-up. The former Manchester United defender will have to be at his best in both defensive duties as well as player leader and influencer when on the pitch.

Striker Kyle Lafferty, scored seven goals during the qualifying stages. He remains to be one of the main threats to goal. His speed and height are tough to handle.

Yarmolenko comes in a major threat to defences. He smashed in six goals combined with two assists in the qualifying stages. His midfield partner, Yevhen Konoplyanka also is in fine form with three goals and four assists in the La Liga in the recently concluded season. These pacey wingers are certainly going to be a major threat and cause major havoc.

When you look at the battle that will possibly have a huge impact on the game could be the one between Lafferty and Yevhen Khacheridi. These two are brilliant at their jobs and hence the strong Irish forward will have to have to try real hard to outwit the superb centre-back.

Betting Tips:

We can safely expect Ukraine who have the physically stronger team- to dominate this match exactly like the Polish did against Norther Ireland. They will however have to put to bed the chances that they get unlike against Germany. A win for Ukraine is placed at 4/7 with Bet365. This seems to be the safer of the two bets.

William hill places a bet at 3/1 for the game to end in a stalemate while they have placed a win for Northern Ireland at 13/2.

When it comes to players who are expected to find the back of the net, Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka should be players who are at the top of that list.