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How to integrate BettingTools Tips with BetSender

How to integrate BettingTools Tips with BetSender

BetSender is an amazing piece of approved software that allows you to get your bets placed automatically on betfair where you’ll often get better odds on the bigger priced selections.

We’ve teamed up with them to integrate the TipsterTable tips so that you can have all your tips from your favourite tipsters (horse racing only) placed for you!

All you need to do is leave your computer on and BetSender running and walah! all your bets will be placed including any new ones that get submitted from tipsters you follow. You can choose to take betfair start price or get the best available odds at the time you tell it to bet. The default is 60 seconds before the off.

Read the full review of the BetSender software.

BetSender costs £99.60 and is a one off payment. There’s no monthly descriptions and we have managed to get you a discount of 10%. To claim this CLICK HERE and type in ‘BETTINGTOOLS‘ in the discount coupon section on the purchase page. This offer is only available until the end of May so take advantage of it while you can.

If you aren’t yet sure about just how amazing BetSender and getting all your tipster table bets placed fro you then you can also trial the software free for 7 days.


Once you’ve downloaded the software you need to do the following to sync with our tips:

1) Create a user account with BettingTools by clicking here (it’s free but you need to be a paid subscriber for just £10 a month)

2) Click follow on any tipsters you want to automate the tips for. NB it will pick up any tipsters you have followed when not logged in as long as the email is the same

3) Find your BettingTools user id on your profile page

4) Install BetSender and click tools->download tips and select BettingTools from the dropwdown.

5) Type in your user id in the username/email box,click the ‘download’ tips button and then click start betting. And THAT’S IT!

You will also need to decide your stakes and as already mentioned you can choose how long before the off you want the bets to trigger in the setting page.

If you have any questions please submit them on the dedicated BetSender forum page for this subject.


BetSender Review

BetSender Review

BetSender Screenshot

We have now integrated our BettingTools tips with BetSender so that users of our site can have their TipsterTable bets (advised by their favourite horse racing tipsters) placed automatically with Betfair’s exchange. It’s extremely simple to set up and will save you lots of time and allow you to get some very juicy prices.

Instructions to integrate with BetSender

One of our top horse racing tipsters ‘BV has very kindly done a review of the software for us. He has been BetSender successfully for years and makes a living betting on the horses. If you purchase by clicking here and quote BETTINGTOOLS before the end of May you will also receive a 10% discount!


Betsender is a bot for Betfair which fully automates your exchange betting and staking plan implementation, and comes complete with a large number of built-in backing and laying staking plans. You can leave Betsender running on your computer for hours (days even), and while you are away you can rest assured that your bets are automatically being placed into the Betfair betting exchange automatically based on the criteria you have set.

There are many features I personally like about this software:

Bet Less Than Minimum Bet Size

With Betsender it is possible to bet with a stake below the Betfair minimum staking requirement. This is ideal if you are backing or laying multiple selections in a race and don’t want a large stake applied to each. Perhaps you want to back 4 selections at value odds in a race, with Betsender it is possible to stake perhaps 50p on each, limiting your total outlay to just £2 in the race, while at the same time having multiple selections running for you with a decent upside if one of them wins, and a small downside if they all lose. You can stake as low as 1p using Betsender.

Place Bets at Betfair SP

I like this feature. The minimum stake of £2 applies here, but this is useful when you don’t want to accept the odds on offer, especially if the odds are drifting. By specifying Betfair SP you will receive the odds the horse returns at to Betfair SP. One way I use this is in conjunction with the minimum odds criteria, so I might specify that the minimum odds I want to accept is 10 for example, and have the Betfair SP price on the selection. The bet is still fired into the market, even if the odds are less than 10, but the bet is not actually placed unless the Betfair SP is equal to, or greater than, the minimum odds level of 10 I have specified. The same applies for lay betting.

Backing and Laying Staking Plans

Not everyone wants to bet level stakes. With Betsender it is possible to use specific staking plans, and have the stake automatically calculated based on the plan you use.

Backing Staking Plans include:

1. 1326
2. Bookies Bank
3. Dalembert
4. Fibonacci
5. Fixed Profit
6. Kelly’s
7. Labouchere
8. Level Stakes
9. LP28
10. Martin
11. Parlay
12. Percentage
13. Pro
14. Progressive
15. Recovery
16. Retirement
17. Secure
18. Sqrt
19. Up-Down

There are also multiple lay betting staking plans that mostly mirror those of the backing plans, with a couple of more specific lay plans that include Fixed Liability and HiPro86. In total, across both backing and laying, there are 38 different types of staking plan you can apply to your betting. Betting statistics show you exactly how your staking plan is performing, which is also useful. All reporting takes into account your Betfair Commission and winnings are reported net so you know exactly how much you have won in real terms after deduction.

What Markets Does Betsender Cover?

Betsender covers all Betfair markets and selections across all sports events. You can load multiple market types, e.g UK, Aus, US horseracing, greyhounds, and football, and all bets will be automatically placed at the time you specify.

An important feature that a lot of punters will appreciate is the ability to SIMULATE your betting, to test out different betting scenarios, the effect of different staking plans on selections, etc. Betsender will use the market data to basically pretend to place your bets and then report back profit and loss over time for you to evaluate. The use of a virtual wallet is helpful, because you can see how the bank grows or diminishes by watching the running bank total.

Betting Conditions

Sometimes you want to place bets, but you want to specify specific criteria before the bet is placed into the market. With Betsender you can do this effortlessly. You have the minimum and maximum odds setting that allows you to specify the minimum odds you want to accept, or the maximum. You can also specify things like the runner must be favourite, or positioned 1-8 in the market for example. You might just want to auto-select the lowest price runner within a certain price range, this is also possible. You might just want to back or lay on an unnamed favourite, this is also possible.

Run Multiple Instances of Betsender

The ability to run multiple instances of Betsender is a great feature. Perhaps you want to keep your horse racing, greyhound and football bets seperate, specifying different criteria for each before bets are placed. The ideal way to do this is to run seperate instances of Betsender, 1 instance for each. You simply add an instance, name it, set the criteria, and save the instance. You can then simply start Betsender, tell it which instance you want to run, and all your settings are there ready to go, just add your selections and press the start button to get proceedings underway.

Scheduled Actions

Another interesting feature is the ability to schedule actions. You might want to restart a staking plan after a particular win or lose sequence, or automatically shutdown the computer once you have hit your profit target for the day or after the last race. With Betsender this is possible. Along with scheduled actions, you can also set profit/loss and stop after winner/loser triggers. These can be set as an absolute amount, or as a percentage of the bank. This is useful if you can’t be at the computer all the time, you can tell Betsender to stop betting after x number of losers to protect your bank, or after you have reached a particular loss level you set. Vice versa, you might want Betsender to stop betting after x number of winners, or after the betting bank has increased by a particular amount or percentage.

Betsender Interface

I have used most Betfair bots and applications, and personally I think the Betsender interface is one of the more intuitive. The application screen area is well designed and very informative. At a glance you can see the selections, the actual Betfair odds for the next race (which you can adjust right down to 1 second updates) and your current betting bank balance, profit and loss, and system performance, all updated with each race.

Importing Tips

This feature is brilliant! The ability to pull tips into Betsender from an external source, our your own csv file is invaluable and saves a lot of time. I know Brian has been working on this for the Betting Tools site tips and I think this could throw betting into a whole new league. Being able to automatically import the tips from tipsters you follow, and have your bets placed automatically is something that will prove very beneficial to punters I am sure.

Great Support

I have only ever had 1 occasion to contact Betsender for support, and even then it was nothing to do with the software itself as I just wanted a specific modification made to one of the staking plans. From the time I emailed, to the time I received the update providing exactly what I wanted it was around 4 hours. Now that is what I call great support! The team behind Betsender are excellent and this is reflected not only in the software itself, but also the level of support they provide. There are training videos, FAQ sections, and tutorials. And if you do require additional information, or as in my case a slight modification, then they are only an email away and only to happy to help.


If you are looking for an automated betting solution for Betfair then you would be very hard pressed to find anything better than Betsender I think. It has everything the average punter needs to automate their backing and laying on Betfair. The ability to export the results directly into The Staking Manager (another software product I seriously recommend) allows you to stay on top of your betting, test different scenarios, and get enhanced reporting on your overall performance. And the one-off cost of Betsender, in comparison to other similar products where you pay a recurring monthly fee, is a real bonus.

Having used Betsender for years to place literally thousands of bets, and having never had a problem with it, I highly recommend you give it a go!


Aviva Premiership Final weekend

Aviva Premiership Final weekend

After a season of thrills and spills in the Aviva Premiership, we reach the conclusion of the regular season this week. All the matches kick off at 15.30 on Saturday and I am absolutely convinced that we shall see a proverbial ‘boatload’ of points.

Motivation is key on the last day on the season and happily enough, every single match apart from one has something resting on it in regards to the table. The exception is Bath v Gloucester which is the west-country derby; this more than makes up for its lack of other significance. This should make the games even more exciting. While the relegation battle is well and truly over (and has been for most of the season), the battle for top-4 and top-6 places (play-off and European Champions Cup qualification respectively) is still very much ON and there should be some fiery contests.

The odds for these matches are released on Friday from midday so please do check out my tipping profit, AW Rugby, where I shall post the tips. I’ve been in decent form of late with a 42.4% ROI so far.


Bath v Gloucester 


Bath sit in second place and cannot progress to first or be caught by third place. Ordinarily, I’d expect Bath to potentially rest some of their key players before the play offs. However, as this is the west-country derby I can’t see that happening. Gloucester are clear of relegation and cannot make the Champions Cup next year.

The Match:

Bath have been by far the better side this season and boast a very impressive home record. They’ve only actually lost once at home all season and this was to leaders Northampton. They were a little unfortunate last weekend not to beat Quins by more than the solitary point and it’s hard to see them losing this match.

Gloucester have been impressive when going forward in patches this season but consistently ill-disciplined and seem to lack the backbone to challenge for the top-4. This said, they’ve managed to string 4 wins in a row and this one could be closer than many think.

Betting Verdict:

This one will be close and I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from taking Bath to win it narrowly. However, the option for me is probably going to on the total points market. This one looks set to be high scoring with both sides wanting to impress fans without really having anything to play for.


Exeter v Sale 


Exeter need to win this match and by a large margin. They are contesting for the top-4 and currently sit level on points and wins with Saracens. They are ahead narrowly on points difference but this will undoubtedly change if (and when) Sarries put a large number on London Welsh. Sale need to win to have a chance of guaranteed European rugby (if they lose, they may have to win a play off game).

The Match:

This is a really interesting match and really one that both teams need to win. Exeter should win easily in the end; they simply have a stronger pack and a more controlled game.

Betting Verdict:

I think Exeter will win this by about 15 points in the end so the handicap may well be worth a play. However, this is another game I can see soaring over 50 points. Exeter will probably score 4 tries or more here while Sale will have to throw the ball around.


Leicester v Northampton 


Leicester need to win to guarantee their place in the top-4. Northampton have nothing to play for as they have secured top spot. I expect Northampton to rest a few key players even if this is a midlands derby.

The Match:

The added motivation for Leicester should see them through here. I don’t expect a particularly exciting game; it’s just not how Leicester have played this season. The Saints are a quality outfit and will be keen to keep Leicester out of the play-offs but home advantage should be telling.

Betting Verdict:

A narrow victory for Leicester looks the most likely result.


London Irish v Wasps 


Wasps need to win this to guarantee European rugby next season which is crucial for the club. Irish have nothing to play for.

The Match:

It’s very difficult to know what sort of Irish team will turn up. They’ll want to impress their home fans on the last day of the season but Wasps should prove too good for them. I cannot stress how important it is for Wasps as a club to get European rugby next season so I’m sure they’ll win this.

Betting Verdict:

Wasps should win by around 10-15 points. If the handicap is any lower than this, it is definitely worth taking.


London Welsh v Saracens 


Welsh are relegated and are playing for pride. They’ve actually played a lot better in recent weeks (albeit in a very negative style). Saracens, by contrast, absolutely need a win and by as big a margin as possible.

The Match:

This, like all of Welsh’s games this year, is a total mismatch and Saracens will win with ease. Their pack will be far too strong for Welsh and they should score 50. Welsh have been spirited in recent weeks but have never really looked like troubling the other side. With huge motivation for Sarries, this could be a cricket score inspite of improved displays by the minnows.

Betting Verdict:

Sarries will win by between 50 and 60 if not more. If the handicap is below this, snap it up. Another route you may want to go down is anytime tryscorer. Some of the Sarries pack will be big prices and maybe worth a go as they’ll use the driving maul a lot. If scrum-half Wigglesworth is above 2/1, that is worth a play.


Newcastle v Harlequins 


Newcastle have nothing to play for but Quins still have a very small chance of European rugby next year. They need to win by 4 tries and hope Sale take nothing.

The Match:

In what has been a very good season for Newcastle, I expect them to go all out and score some points. Quins need to attack to try and get their 4 tries and will probably edge this match. They played well against Bath last week and should provide Newcastle will too many threats out wide.

Betting Verdict:

While the match market is difficult to call and the bookies will probably have the Quins win at too short a price, I’ll be backing this one to be high scoring. Newcastle matches have consistently been high scoring this year and this should not change on the last day of the season. This game should hit 50, possibly more.


Holy Grail Asian Handicap Analysis

Holy Grail Asian Handicap Analysis

Followers of the Holy Grail system and the subset of highly profitable (bet monkey) tips should hopefully have made a decent amount of profit this season but the swings can still really get to you. We ourselves have yielded just short of a 5% return on our stakes despite rarely going for the best prices and choosing instead to automate on betfair. The selections have formed a huge part of our entries to Cassini’s FTL competition however and these are showing an ROI of over 8% to Pinnacle Sports prices.

Like I said though, there are still poor weeks and the odd losing month and it can be mentally challenging to follow. We are aware that not everyone starts following the Holy Grail at the same point in time and that people may want to increase their stakes following a period of profit too. With the swings potentially big though, how can you do this with confidence?

Well, a few people have contacted us this season to ask whether our selections are profitable using Asian handicaps. This has taken us a while to trial but we finally have some data for you. It should be said that the results are taken from football-data’s most popular handicap on each market which comes from BetBrain. It may be difficult for us to identify which is going to be the most popular in advance but as all these markets are derived from the match odds it we would expect similar results no matter what handicap is selected.

You can see the handicap results for the last 10 seasons below. For our results we have used the best handicap prices recorded but the average prices also shows an excellent return too and there’s a one line summary of the overall data for the average handicap price at the end. The stakes are not too important and these are created using the funds we currently have available and our ad hoc Kelly staking method. What is worth noting is the return on investment percentages.

The beauty of using handicaps instead of match odds is that the losing streaks are much smaller and returns are smoothed out somewhat. No longer would we get the humungous weeks of profit but neither would we endure so many bad spells. This kind of performance is much less volatile and progress is more gradual. This means too that you can increase stakes with a lot more confidence as you know that the losing streak will only be a handful of matches at worst. I think in well over 100 matches in the Premier League this season there have only been a maximum of 3 losses in a row!

We haven’t fully decided on how we’ll be sending the selections for next season yet but this finding is huge progress for the HG. We also have similar results for other European Leagues and after further testing may start to include these in our service too.

Stay tuned!



ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2005/06 (MAX): PROF £644.99 STAKE £7,271.39 PERC: 108.15% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2005/06 (MAX): PROF £1,109.99 STAKE £9,414.70 PERC: 110.55% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2005/06 (MAX): PROF £1,794.87 STAKE £9,166.46 PERC: 116.37% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2005/06 (MAX): PROF £787.77 STAKE £6,842.24 PERC: 110.32% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2005/06 (MAX): PROF £963.24 STAKE £5,261.20 PERC: 115.48%
ENGLAND SEASON 2005/06 (MAX): PROF £5,300.87 STAKE £37,955.99 PERC: 112.25%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2006/07 (MAX): PROF £1,202.64 STAKE £6,148.49 PERC: 116.36% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2006/07 (MAX): PROF £722.53 STAKE £6,847.03 PERC: 109.55% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2006/07 (MAX): PROF £974.76 STAKE £7,733.00 PERC: 111.19% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2006/07 (MAX): PROF £933.85 STAKE £5,002.85 PERC: 115.73% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2006/07 (MAX): PROF £801.90 STAKE £5,302.99 PERC: 113.14%
ENGLAND SEASON 2006/07 (MAX): PROF £4,635.67 STAKE £31,034.36 PERC: 113.00%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2007/08 (MAX): PROF £-1.21 STAKE £7,317.59 PERC: 99.98% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2007/08 (MAX): PROF £1,431.12 STAKE £6,087.87 PERC: 119.03% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2007/08 (MAX): PROF £790.14 STAKE £7,005.40 PERC: 110.14% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2007/08 (MAX): PROF £644.52 STAKE £5,589.90 PERC: 110.34% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2007/08 (MAX): PROF £1,100.75 STAKE £6,685.65 PERC: 114.14%
ENGLAND SEASON 2007/08 (MAX): PROF £3,965.32 STAKE £32,686.41 PERC: 110.82%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2008/09 (MAX): PROF £105.10 STAKE £7,845.11 PERC: 101.32% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2008/09 (MAX): PROF £1,631.58 STAKE £11,068.67 PERC: 112.85% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2008/09 (MAX): PROF £1,182.20 STAKE £7,043.09 PERC: 114.37% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2008/09 (MAX): PROF £761.61 STAKE £7,675.50 PERC: 109.03% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2008/09 (MAX): PROF £899.84 STAKE £5,538.96 PERC: 113.98%
ENGLAND SEASON 2008/09 (MAX): PROF £4,580.33 STAKE £39,171.33 PERC: 110.47%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2009/10 (MAX): PROF £803.97 STAKE £7,536.82 PERC: 109.64% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2009/10 (MAX): PROF £-135.46 STAKE £7,975.34 PERC: 98.27% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2009/10 (MAX): PROF £-175.68 STAKE £7,035.63 PERC: 97.44% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2009/10 (MAX): PROF £1,757.31 STAKE £6,445.42 PERC: 121.42% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2009/10 (MAX): PROF £618.10 STAKE £4,532.80 PERC: 112.00% ENGLAND SEASON 2009/10 (MAX): PROF £2,868.23 STAKE £33,526.01 PERC: 107.88%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2010/11 (MAX): PROF £981.48 STAKE £8,016.06 PERC: 110.91% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2010/11 (MAX): PROF £520.18 STAKE £7,310.46 PERC: 106.64% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2010/11 (MAX): PROF £690.47 STAKE £8,956.31 PERC: 107.16% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2010/11 (MAX): PROF £419.02 STAKE £8,511.02 PERC: 104.69% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2010/11 (MAX): PROF £1,381.94 STAKE £5,321.93 PERC: 120.61%
ENGLAND SEASON 2010/11 (MAX): PROF £3,993.09 STAKE £38,115.78 PERC: 109.48%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2011/12 (MAX): PROF £766.81 STAKE £8,300.60 PERC: 108.46% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2011/12 (MAX): PROF £1,598.95 STAKE £9,357.57 PERC: 114.59% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2011/12 (MAX): PROF £1,320.79 STAKE £9,487.74 PERC: 112.22% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2011/12 (MAX): PROF £1,530.25 STAKE £9,160.13 PERC: 114.31% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2011/12 (MAX): PROF £844.15 STAKE £8,300.92 PERC: 109.23%
ENGLAND SEASON 2011/12 (MAX): PROF £6,060.95 STAKE £44,606.96 PERC: 111.96%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2012/13 (MAX): PROF £1,477.95 STAKE £7,847.46 PERC: 115.85% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2012/13 (MAX): PROF £1,871.98 STAKE £10,692.80 PERC: 114.90% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2012/13 (MAX): PROF £2,058.07 STAKE £10,315.85 PERC: 116.63% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2012/13 (MAX): PROF £1,989.92 STAKE £9,460.66 PERC: 117.38% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2012/13 (MAX): PROF £680.21 STAKE £9,563.17 PERC: 106.64%
ENGLAND SEASON 2012/13 (MAX): PROF £8,078.12 STAKE £47,879.94 PERC: 114.44%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2013/14 (MAX): PROF £-364.96 STAKE £9,430.65 PERC: 95.97% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2013/14 (MAX): PROF £1,086.99 STAKE £11,489.49 PERC: 108.64% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2013/14 (MAX): PROF £59.88 STAKE £10,150.91 PERC: 100.59% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2013/14 (MAX): PROF £1,615.64 STAKE £10,795.17 PERC: 113.02% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2013/14 (MAX): PROF £1,951.19 STAKE £11,253.76 PERC: 114.78%
ENGLAND SEASON 2013/14 (MAX): PROF £4,348.74 STAKE £53,119.98 PERC: 107.57%

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON 2014/15 (MAX): PROF £1,273.82 STAKE £16,109.74 PERC: 107.33% CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON 2014/15 (MAX): PROF £1,828.57 STAKE £20,801.42 PERC: 108.08% ENGLISH LEAGUE ONE SEASON 2014/15 (MAX): PROF £3,900.63 STAKE £20,816.93 PERC: 115.78% ENGLISH LEAGUE TWO SEASON 2014/15 (MAX): PROF £2,060.31 STAKE £18,441.58 PERC: 110.05% ENGLISH CONFERENCE PREMIER SEASON 2014/15 (MAX): PROF £1,956.66 STAKE £19,313.04 PERC: 109.20%
ENGLAND SEASON 2014/15 (MAX): PROF £11,019.98 STAKE £95,482.71 PERC: 110.35%
TOTAL ENGLAND (MAX): PROF: £54,851.30 STAKE: £453,579.47 PERC: 110.79%

TOTAL ENGLAND (AVG): PROF: £41,515.07 STAKE: £453,579.47 PERC: 108.39%