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Winner Sports Bookmaker Review

Winner Sports Bookmaker Review


With already established casino, poker and bingo areas of the business Winner have recently decided to compete in the world of sports betting and launch Winner Sports. With such a great track record in their already established gaming avenues we can be sure that Winner will be a bookmaker that are likely to stick around and care about offering us good customer service.

Very impressive website

In terms of odds, Winner are competitive and they’d have to be if their mantra is to create winners and provide them with a great user experience. The site layout is excellent and has a good feel in terms of navigation and usability which makes placing your bet very simple.

Competitive in-play and pre-match odds

Winner offer very competitive odds on all the top sports pre-match and in-play. The odds on football that we checked put Winner in the top 3 or 4 prices out of all the best well known bookmakers. I checked their prices on the tennis too and they were also competitive, often the joint top price and other times bang in the middle but never near the worst end of the prices available.

All the tops sports but lack of depth in markets

Winner cover a lot of spots including football, tennis, horse racing, golf etc but there aren’t yet as many markets on these sporting events as other established bookmakers in this game but then you’d expect that in these early days and I’m sure this will only improve.

Great offers but only available to UK customers

Winner have a promotions section dedicated to all their current offers which makes it easy to check all the latest offers available.  Some of the current ones include Multiple Insurance where you get a free bet if 1 lets you down, Seventh Heaven where they give you 25% bonus on winning 7-folds and Lucky Streak which is similar to Seventh Heaven and offer you various levels of bonuses depending on the number of winners you get. Unfortunately the sign up bonuses are only available to UK customers and you can’t use Moneybookers.

First deposit bonus requires 5 deposits

When you sign up to winner sports you are eligible for a free bet up to £50 depending on your original stake. This seems like a very good offer but you do have to stake your initial deposit 5 times to get the free bet. So you would have to make a £10 bet 5 times before getting a £10 free bet and 5 lots of £50 bets to get the free £50 bet. The minimum odds also have to be 1.5 for each of your qualifying bets. It’s still an ok offer as free bets go and a lot of other bookmakers are going down the route of requesting that free bets are played through in some way now.

Payment Options

All the standard payment and withdrawal methods are included by Winner such as Bank Transfer, UKash, Skrill, Credit Cards, WebMoney, Neteller, Nordea and unless you still trade using gold pieces I can’t imagine there isn’t a method that meets your requirements!

Great customer service

The live chat functionality that Winner provide is very useful and it always pleases us punters when we can get instant access to our queries and problems are resolved quickly. We’re told that the service isn’t guaranteed to be 24-7 but when we had a query about the bonus they responded immediately and this is a good sign. If you can’t get hold of anyone on chat email and you should receive a timely response.

In summary, we’re very impressed with Winner’s site and how competitive their odds are. The free bet isn’t quite as good as it first appears and is perhaps a little complicated but we think winner is a decent trustworthy bookmaker  and a good addition to the list of reputable bookmakers out there.

CLICK HERE to join Winner Sports.

How To Cope With Losing Bets

How To Cope With Losing Bets

Losing Money Betting

Photo by Alex E. Proimos

Finding value and staking sensibly are extremely important when it comes to attempting to make a profit from betting but dealing with losses is a huge reason many people lose too much when betting. Obviously betting is a recreational activity that most people do for fun but on this site we taking betting seriously and this article will assume you do want to make money from gambling.

Losses should be expected

Losing bets are part and parcel of betting. They will happen and you need to accept that it will but many people cannot. It is not easy to remain completely unemotional for anyone about losing money and for some people the temptation to chase and get that money back it too much. This is never a good idea. If you do find yourself searching hard for a bet where you know little about the sport/team/market then you’re heading for trouble. You need to ask yourself had I not lost this bet, would I still be making this one. If the answer is no then leave it alone.

Don’t chase or seek out rebound bets

When you lose a bet it’s natural to want to fast forward to the next winning bet but although there is a lot of sports and events to bet on these days sometimes you just have to wait and be patient. People will chase losing bets and then lose the chase, clearing out most if not all their allocated betting money, only to see a bet the next day or so and wish they still had the funds to make this bet.

Prevention better than cure

So, what is the best way to deal with these losses? Well as with many ailments, prevention is better than cure. So if your staking is sound and not a ridiculously high % of your bank then you are less likely to be as concerned about the loss. One of the best things I have also learned to do when I’ve decided on my stake for a bet is to imagine it is a loser and look at my betting bank and ask myself am I comfortable if this happens. If you are not then reduce your stakes until you can say you are.

Is the bet definitely value

Next ask yourself is this bet definitely value. This doesn’t mean to say that just because the odds are 1.15 that the bet cannot be value but it is statistically less likely to contain value long term and you need to be very selective backing at these kinds of odds. A good way to check your own thoughts on value is to ask yourself how many times out of 100 your selection wins, then work out the number of times the odds suggest it wins. (100/odds). If your estimate is greater than the odds calculation then you believe it’s a value bet. Don’t fool yourself into the thinking that things like injuries could never happen as this is the mind-set that proved so costly to many of the world’s bankers. Assume that the worst can happen as one day it probably will.

Even if your staking is sound and you believed a bet to be of god value, there will still be times when you’ve gone a bit bigger on a sure fire winner that’s set you back a few day, weeks or possibly months but as long as there’s still plenty of money for you to continue then try not to worry or think too much about it. Perhaps again analyse whether the bet was value or not but as long as you still think that the odds on offer were good then you just need to be patient.

If you have made a profit up until this point, go back and remind yourself of just how well you’re doing as many people fail to make money from betting. Take confidence in these records, be reassured that you are on the right path and your luck will turn. If you haven’t made a profit, then you need to be a bit cautious and analyse the bets you have made over a period and check if they are providing value. If you vary your stakes then work out what your profit/loss would have been to level stakes. If you bets are making a loss to level stakes over a decent amount of time (6 months) then you are not finding value.

If you’re not finding value use reputable tipsters

Even if you are not finding value yourself all is not lost as there are plenty of free tipsters out there who can find value for you. Sometimes this is even more satisfying than making the picks yourself but try not to filter the bet s of tipsters as you will kick yourself when the inevitable happens and you miss a winner. What you can also do is study the picks of winning tipsters and see what’s working for them, what odds range they are backing at and study the circumstances. In time this can help you improve your own selections and make you less reliant on tipsters.

Take a break from betting

When you’ve done an appropriate amount of analysis, leave it there. You are either on the right path and just lost a bet or you will have sought out some tipsters who hopefully can find value for you. Do not mull it over any more than this and don’t seek out any more bets that you wouldn’t ordinarily make. Instead go out get some fresh air and take a break from the betting world.

How to deal with losses in summary:

Prevention :

-Get your staking right
-Ask yourself is the bet good value and calculate this
-Imagine your bet has lost already and see how this would affect you


-Keep records and check overall profit/loss for reassurance
-If consistently losing seek proven tipsters
-Take a break and switch off from the betting world temporarily


Pinnacle Sports Bookmaker Review

Pinnacle Sports Bookmaker Review

Pinnacle Sports Homepage

You might not have heard of Pinnacle Sports because they’re an offshore bookmaker but please don’t switch off just because you’ve not seen an advert for them on your TV screen at half time. They are an excellent established Bookmaker who have been around since 1998 and have become one of the world’s largest, fully licensed, online sports books.

Nearly always best price

If you are serious about betting and the sports you bet on include football, tennis or any American Sports then having a Pinnacle Sports account is a must. I’m sure you are aware how important getting the best price is and although Pinnacle aren’t listed on Oddschecker  (I believe they don’t feel it benefits them for the cost) they are more often than not offering the best price for match odds on any football or tennis match. Test it out and check for yourself.

In addition to this Pinnacle won’t penalize you for only taking their odds when they are best price like other bookmakers sometimes do. Pinnacle offer most markets with between 1 and 2.5% because they are confident in their pricing and this is why they feel they can offer customers the best odds. They also take notice of winners and use these bettors to help them price more effectively.

Many sports covered e.g. Football, Tennis and all US Sports

They offer a wide range of US and European sports, and even include the newly emerging darts but there’s no horse racing unfortunately. The depth in the markets available can be quite limited but Asian handicap markets are a big part of the site and they also offer parlays (accumulators). Perhaps they will look at adding more markets in the future but they like to concentrate on accurate pricing of the main markets. They are also aimed at the more serious bettor who is planning to make a return from their betting and so the novelty or fun bets would have limited appeal to Pinnacle’s existing members.

Pinnacle don’t ban winners

In addition to offering great odds and the fact that they won’t ban you if you are a winner, they also very rarely limit your stakes. Some markets do have global limits but these limits are usually well into the thousands and won’t trouble the majority of us.

The site doesn’t have that familiar bookmaker look but give it a little time for your eyes to adjust as it will be well worth it. In some ways the look and layout of the site emphasizes the fact that you are having your bets taken by a bookmaker who wants to take bets from serious bettors and is quite a welcome change from not the multicolor flashing “we want your money” approach.

Simple no frills layout

The site is simple and pretty easy to use but it may take European users a while to get used to the American terminology e.g.  We think that the layout and usability could be improved and perhaps include search functionality so you can find the markets you want quicker. We’d also like to see an improvement to the way the site lists your bet history. Something like the analysis provided by Betfair where you can also export to excel would be great.

In play betting

Pinnacle does offer in-play betting but not unlike other bookmakers the odds get suspended frequently and price changes in between bets can be quite annoying. This is often a problem found with most bookmakers though and it is a good alternative for Australian punters who aren’t allowed to bet in play on Betfair.

Scanned identification required

Pinnacle also request that you scan in some kind of identification before withdrawing. This can be a passport or birth certificate and although this is a little inconvenient it demonstrates just how seriously they take security issues. The only other drawback is that you can only make one free withdrawal a month and any subsequent withdrawals are charged at £12. Again this is unlikely to be a problem for the serious bettors amongst us but it’s obviously important to take this into consideration when working out how best to manage your funds.

Excellent betting articles

Another thing to note about Pinnacle Sports is the Betting Articles section. In here you’ll find lots of useful nuggets and in depth thought provoking information to fuel your inquisitive minds. Ther are some excellent insights and useful advice to help you with your betting such as this one about how the weather can affect the outcome.

Queries to Pinnacle are usually handled by email and ourselves at betting tools have always had prompt responses to any contact we’ve made. The email address for contacting Pinnacle customer services is We’re yet to find anyone who’s had a bad experience with Pinnacle but if you have please let us know and we’ll also help you resolve it.

Mobile optimized website

Pinnacle also recently unveiled a mobile app version of the website so you can now get the best odds on the run too. It is actually a mobile optimized version of the website rather than an app so should be available on all devices. I myself was particularly pleased about this as I’d previously found trying to place a bet by zooming into the web site in my browser near on impossible.

Some people don’t like to have too many bookmakers accounts as they find it difficult to manage but this one is a must have even if it’s your only one. Pinnacle does have some down sides but the upsides far outweigh these and using Pinnacle Sports is one of best ways to help you profit from sports betting. If you don’t have an account with Pinnacle Sports we highly recommend creating one.

CLICK HERE to join Pinnacle Sports.

Tennis Betting Retirement Rules

Tennis Betting Retirements

Tennis Betting Retirement Rules

zWe’ve seen a lot of retirements this year at Wimbledon and there’s nothing more frustrating than losing a bet because the player you back has chucked in the towel and retired. It can also be just as annoying when you are on the right side of a retirement but you don’t get paid out because the first set hasn’t been completed.

Unfortunately retirements are even more common throughout the year in lesser well known tournaments where motivation is lower and risking further damage to an injury deemed unecessary. It is therfore very important for any serious tennis bettor or trader to factor in the chances of such occurence into their position. More than this you can get a very good advantage over the bookies by playing close attention to the tennis retirment rules.

The winning margins on tennis betting are extremely tight as 2 team/player contests are generally easy for bookmakers to price up and paying attention to retirement rules can make all the difference to your bottom line. Most punters will not read the terms and conditions of each bookmaker they sign up with and will not be aware of the individual rules of each bookmaker. Do not make this mistake and make sure you stay a step ahead by referring to the following simplified information.


1 Ball Bookmakers


1 Set Completed Bookmakers
Paddy Power
Sporting Bet


Whole Match Completed Bookmakers
Stan James
William Hill

As seen above, the tennis retirement rules of all the major bookmakers can generally be categorised into 3 main groups:


1) 1 Ball Served

Bookies who operate the ‘1 ball served’ policy require a player to serve just once for any bets to stand.If there are any retirements after this first ball served then it’s bad luck I’m afraid.

2) 1 Set Completed

The exchanges and a fair amount of bookmakers operate the 1 set must be played policy for bets to stand. If one set has not been completed all bets are void and you get your stake back. A lot of people like this because it is annoying when a player retires who has virtually lost the match anyway and decides not to continue almost out of spite!

3) Whole Match Completed

As you’ve probably guessed, bookmakers in this category require the whole match to be completed before bets can be deemed payable. Many major bookmakers operate this policy and it is recommended that you use these if you are concerned about an injury, especially in smaller tournaments.


It is advisable to use the bookmaker that best suits the bet that you are making and that gives you the greatest advantage. If there are no injury concerns to either player then you are probably best served to place your bet with the ‘match must be completed’ bookmakers. If you are betting against a favourite who you know is struggling then you might want to use the ‘one ball served’ bookmakers so you can take advantage of a retirement. Obviously the bookmakers sometimes change the price to reflect such chances and the price on offer still has to be considered but there are advantages to be found.