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bet365 Bookmaker Review

bet365 Bookmaker Review

Bet365 Homepage

Bet365 are one of the biggest bookmakers in the world and have just been voted the best online sportsbook (2015). Bet365 were founded in 1974 and have grown rapidly in recent years and now have well over 2 million customers in over 140 countries. Here at, Bet365 are our preferred choice of bookmaker and are used by all of us who run this site. Below is our review of bet365.

There are a few things that make Bet365 the best but the most important one is their excellent odds. Our tipsters have used bet365 more than twice that of any other bookmaker and that’s because they offer the best value. If you want to make the sort of profits that our brilliant horse racing and football tipsters do, then having an account with bet365 is a must! Bet365 are particularly popular with the shrewd UK and Irish punters.

Bet365 cover the most sports and markets

Another big reason that Bet365 are so good is that they are the best bookmaker around in terms of the quantity of different sports and markets offered, their in-play betting and their live streaming service is unrivalled too. Bet365 offer in-play betting on almost every live sporting event available.

Popular sports like Football, Racing and tennis are covered in great detail and you can pretty much have any bet you can think of. But it’s not just the big sports that Bet365 cater for and many others are covered including golf, cricket, rugby and even obscure ones like yachting and professional and college level American sports too.

Bet365 have the best Online Streaming

Bet35’s online streaming service is the brilliant. Forget trying to get an illegal link with dozens of pop ups and god knows what that keeps buffering. Bet365 have feeds onfootball and tennis matches from all around the world and the picture is so much better than on any of that wiziwig or cricrfree stuff.

I am a big tennis fan and there are many tennis matches that don’t even appear on Betfair live video that you can watch live on Bet365.

Great website layout

The Bet365 site is visually appealing and extremely easy to use. We’ve never seen it go down during busy periods, something that other bookmakers struggle with. The website can also be viewed in 17 different languages and accepts 27 currencies and this is a massive plus for non-English speaking people who love their betting.

In terms of their odds, bet365 work with low margins and are consistently either top price or very close to it and they are a bookie that you can trust with your money. They also provide excellent customer service and provide a live chat system in addition to the usual email and phone communication. We have several contacts at bet365 and can personally help resolve any queries you may have with them but we’re confident you’ll never have any problems, such is the quality of this bookmaker.

Very fast service all round

The main website is nice and quick and for bettors on the move, bet365’s mobile betting app is one of the fastest on the market. It’s super quick and easy to get your bets on. There’s nothing to download either, simply search for the site in your browser and you’ll find it optimized for your mobile.

Managing funds across several bookmakers accounts can be difficult but if you only open one sportsbook and you consistently want the best odds then make sure you it’s bet365.

Another key thing for us is that bets are settled super quickly at bet365. There’s nothing worse than waiting around for your funds to be credited when you need them to get your next bet on. Well, with bet365 there have been times where bets have been settled before I’d even realised the match had finished.

There’s no much else to add only that if you love sports betting and you sign up to bet365 you will not be disappointed.

SIGN UP to bet365 and you can also get a bonus on your deposit up to £200.

Flashscores Review


Flashscores Review is the best sporting lives scores and results service on the internet. It has up to date second by second scores and results for popular sports like Football, Tennis, Cricket and Rugby from all round the world. It lists scores for some football matches in countries I didn’t even know existed. There are apparently latest scores from 500 Football competitions from almost 100 countries!

It is also has sections for a lot of American sports like Baseball and American Football.  There is a section for other sports too and it has now added Darts scores to its service which is something that will please a number of the rapidly growing darts fans.

If you register on the site you can update ‘my leagues’ and narrow your view down to the countries/leagues that you are interested in only.

There are also details such as goal scorers, cards and odds comparison available on the site and links to tables showing the recent form stats of all the teams.

We just wish they did an app version of the site as viewing the website on your phone isn’t always that easy and you have to zoom in a lot. We’ve also found it struggling to load over 3G sometimes but this is probably because it uses flash.  I think it needs to provide this to compete in the ever growing and already competitive mobile market.

This is a very small gripe though and something which we’re sure will soon be implemented for this superb website.

OnCourt Tennis Software

OnCourt Tennis Software

On Court Betting Software Review


If you like to bet or trade on tennis then quite simply Oncourt software from Kansoft is a must have. It is a comprehensive tennis database that contains information on the results of more than 610,000 tennis matches, played since 1990. It is updated several times daily with pretty much every tennis stat you’ll ever need to see.

The database is stored locally on your machine but you’ll only ever need to see the software interface. Each time you open up the software it will automatically update the database for you in the matter of seconds.

Oncourt‘s software interface shows you a comprehensive list of all tennis matches to be played around the world today including Challenger events. When exporting the prediction percentages to excel you can pick and choose which tournaments you are interested in.

Brilliant display of data including head to head info

It’s so easy to check a player’s record on a particular surface or what their head to head is with another player. It’s not only the fact that it provides you so much data but also the simply and visually appealing way in which is presents you the data.

Accurate prediction algorithm

Some of our favourite features are the point by point break down so you can see exactly how the points were won, the tournament view so you can see what all the permutations of who might play who may be and the prediction tool which gives a very accurate percentage estimation of a players chance of winning.

We’ve found in very close matches where the odds of both players are around evens the prediction tool is very good at knowing where the value lies. We also like to use the percentage estimations as a starting point basis for our trading. For example Radwanska might be 1.1 on Betfair and if the Oncourt software gives a percentage of much less like 70% likelihood of a win then we know a lay is a good entry point. It’s amazing how well this strategy works.

To be honest, there are that many fluctuations in women’s tennis matches that you’d be a bit unlucky not to catch at least one of the big movements in most matches to make a profit but these predictions give you a good idea of whether it’s worth making your starting position pre-match or not.

Add your own notes on players

The software also lets you add your own notes on each player and add them into the database. So you can remind yourself who is poor at serving out or who is likely to go off the boil for a number of games or a set.

Less than 50 euros for year long license

On court costs 48.95 euros (£41.76) for a year-long license and 88.95 (£75.88) for a life-long one but believe us when we say this is well worth it. The developers are always working on features to improve the software too and they now have a snooker version of the site which is a little more expensive.  If you are still not convinced download it yourself and try it free for 30 days.

If you need any help understanding the features or have any questions about the software, then please let us know by replying to this blog post.

Bet Butler Review

Bet Butler Review

Bet Butler ReviewWhen we first heard about Bet Butler we were quite excited as in theory it is exactly the type of website we want to let punters know about on BettingTools. The idea behind the UK based site being that the ’Bet Butler’ serves you up the best available odds on your chosen betting selection with them taking a 3% commission on any winning bets. We all know that to give ourselves the best possible chance of profiting from betting we should shop around for the best price but this can be a nightmare managing so many different accounts and transferring money from one to another.

Best Odds from over 60 different Bookmakers

Bet Butler aim to solve this problem by acting as a broker between you and over 60 different bookmakers and allowing you the punter to place all your bets on all the major sports at best odds from one easy to use account and reducing the need to shop around. Of course, you could bet with all the Bookmakers individually yourself but this is extremely time consuming and difficult to manage and with Bet Butler you get the added bonus of the bookies not knowing who is trying to place the bet. So there’s less chance of them limiting your stakes.

Nice easy to use site with all major sports covered

We at Betting Tools signed up and to begin with the service looked promising. The site is clean, well laid out and easy to use and allows you to check the odds in your slip are still the best before you commit your money. Football is the dominant sport on the site and has the most markets listed but it also caters for most other major sports including Horse Racing, Tennis, golf, cricket and rugby. We believe there needs to be even more variety than this and we did have some problems accessing the tennis markets.

Bet Butler could be another tool to add to the punter weaponry

If done properly Bet Butler could replace the need from you ever having an account with every other Bookmaker. However, if there are Bookmakers that you like to use regularly you’d still be better served betting with them direct and not paying the 3% commission. For example, on some of the markets we looked at one of our favourite Bookmakers Pinnacle Sports were the best price and it would make more sense to bet with them especially as their limits are high anyway. For the multitude of other Bookmakers though who like to compete by randomly offer stand out best price here and there and who are not one you regularly use, Bet Butler is potentially the ideal solution and could provide the punter with more weaponry to achieve the aim of beating the bookmakers.

VIP gold membership with personal trader available for high rollers 

If you are ‘high roller’ and you make big bets you may be eligible for the VIP area. There are a number of exclusive gold memberships available on an annual basis, with customers getting several benefits as part of the service, including your own designated personal trader and this is a promising part of the Bet Butler service.


A number of times the odds on Bet Butler didn’t quite tally with the best odds we found on Oddschecker and the Bookmakers it claims to use. This could be because Bet Butler still don’t quite have a deal with all Bookmakers or that the Bookies only plan to allow very small amounts at the best price and it’s not worth Bet Butler advertising this. We would like to see a little more transparency as to exactly why this is the case though because if you are paying commission on your bets you want to have faith that you are always getting the best odds.

Another downside for racing fans is that Bet Butler don’t seem to offer bets odds guaranteed. This seems a bit unfair since many of the bookies they are matching you with will honour this. We’ve also heard that bets are taking a long time to be settled and so there a lot of improvements needed here.

If you do come across any best odds discrepancies like we have or want to know more about how the site lists exchange based odds then you can always give Bet Butler a call. The customer support staff are available between 09:00 and 18:00 Monday to Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00 Sunday, with customers able to either send an email or make a phone call and they will get through in seconds. Or you can speak to the traders who are available 09:00 – 22:00 Monday to Saturday and on Sunday 09:00 to 18:00.

Risk free £25 bet

Bet Butler offer customers a no-risk first bet up to £25. If your first bet (at odds over 1.5 and at least £10) loses, they will give you a free bet of equal amount up to a maximum of £25. If your selection loses just email and they’ll credit your account with you free bet. We did this and can confirm that our free bet was allocated within hours.


In summary, we think that Bet Butler is a sound idea but various improvements are needed. Punters are not going to put up with bets not being settled quickly and the jury is out as to how regularly you are getting the best odds available which is the whole idea of the site. Hopefully improvements will happen in time and a Bet Butler account will be well worth having.

We currently suggest taking advantage of the risk free bet and only betting with them if the price they offer you after the 3% commission is deducted is still better than those odds of your regular Bookmakers that you have money in. You can use our odds after commission calculator to help work this out.

Best Odds with Bet Butler

Best Odds with Bet Butler

As you can see from this challenge the only betting accounts I really use now are Betfair, Pinnacle and Betdaq. I know how important it is to get the best odds but managing 20+ Bookmakers accounts is too difficult, I’ve tried. So I’m pretty excited to have registered an account with Bet Butler. They are a bookmaker with a twist.
Well they’re not really a bookmaker at all and more of a broker who finds you the best price from a selection of more than 60 Bookmakers. They allow you to get these prices using one Bet Butler account. This is so much better than constantly transferring money from one Bookmaker to the next and trying to keep track of all your P/L’s.
They will take a commission of 3% on winning bets but if the odds with Bet Butler are a fair bit higher than on your regular bookmakers (in my case Betfair, Pinnacle and Betdaq) then it’s still worth your while betting with them.
I see Bet Butler as yet another betting tool I can use to help me maximise my profit on my challenge and I’d recommend having one. They also offer you a risk free £25 bet when you sign up. So if your first bet losses (minimum of £10) they’ll credit you with a free bet to the same amount up to £25. Perfect for the Grand National!

Betdaq 0% commission!


Betdaq 0% commission!

Betdaq 0% commission on the Grand National
I among many others have been longing for more liquidity on Betdaq mainly because commission is cheaper than Betfair but also because a monopoly on anything is no good and more competition for Betfair will only improve things all round  for us punters.  Whilst liquidity is creeping up gradually we need more and so now is the perfect chance to get on Betdaq and help as they are removing commission charges for the Grand National.
We all like a bet on the best horse race of the year, so do yourself a favour and place your bet with Betdaq. You’ll get great odds as well as having no commission to pay and you’ll be helping improve the competition between the betting exchanges.
If you‘re stuck on what to bet on, I can recommend SunnyHillBoy. Why I here you ask. Well because I picked it out of a hat for the sweepstake at work! What better reason do you need than that?

Another week another profit!

Another week another profit!

Although I don’t know the exact amount of bets I made this week it was definitely less than the first and I only traded 2 tennis matches too. One being the WTA Miami Final between Serena and Sharapova. I sent in a few lays of Sharapova around the 1.2/1.3 mark after being a break up in the final set. Sharapova was looking good but that price was a bit low in my opinion especially considering that was the first set Sharapova had taken off Williams for 6 meetings. There was a good chance of Williams mounting some kind of comeback and the market always reacts in a big way to even the slightest of hopes. The early break also came courtesy of Williams struggling with the sun, something Sharapova was going to find difficult when they switched ends too.
The comeback began almost immediately and from then on it was pretty much one-way traffic. If anything I got out too early and leveled my profit but I have learnt it’s much better not to be greedy with WTA trading as you never quite know what will happen next. Traded one more tennis match last night for a decent level profit that again went my way almost as soon as I entered the market. I must be on a lucky streak. Here are the updated screen shots followed by summary:

Starting Bank £200 (£100 Betfair, £50 Pinnacle, £50 Betdaq)
Current Bank
Betfair: £184.13
Pinnacle: £42.97
Betdaq: £50.70
Total: £277.81
So the bank is £277.81 now and I have hit the required 25% increase already and thus have recalculated my 2% for bets and 10% for trading. This is a lot earlier than I expected to be honest. I’m now at the second rung of the bank building ladder below and not too far away from the third either. I have no doubt that this rate won’t continue but even if I can grow at half this rate in future I’ll be happy. 
Bank 2% 10%
200.00 4 20
250.00 5 25
312.50 6 31
390.63 8 39
488.28 10 49
610.35 12 61
762.94 15 76
953.67 19 95
1192.09 24 119
1490.12 30 149
1862.65 37 186
2328.31 47 233
2910.38 58 291
3637.98 73 364
4547.47 91 455


Three things I learnt from this week:
1)      Try not to forget to put bets on! I was sure I had put a bet on that was sent to me from one of my tipster sources. Turns out I hadn’t and it duly won L
2)      Never filter bets from tipsters. I don’t normally do this but I really didn’t like the look of one particular bet form a very reputable source. It started winning early on much to my surprise and although I got on in-play and still made a fair bit of profit, I would have made almost double had I kept the faith.
3)      Still not convinced by the liquidity on Betdaq so I’m moving the £50 out of there and giving the new Bet Butler service a go. Sometimes the best odds are with other bookies and even paying 3% commission to get these odds would work out more profitable. Not only that but Bet Butler don’t reveal who you are to the bookies so they can’t limit you based on past performance and so I’m going to add this to my weaponry. If it’s no good I’ll move this cash into Pinnacle Sports to add to what’s already there. Might do a review on Bet Butler too so look out for that.