Betting Kingdom Review

Betting Kingdom Review

Betting Kingdom provides free tips daily with extensive reasoning for each selection. It does this via a tipping competition in which many experts in their chosen sports take part.

The information relating to the tips and the tipsters is displayed in an excellent, easy to read format and it's a site that inspired us to create and run our own tipster competition (Tipster table). There are a lot of tips to sift through most days but there are various ways to sort the data, including by the most profitable.

The site has been online for many years and has a big following but the current format is still relatively new at the time of writing this review. As well as providing excellent tips the site also contains a lot of good betting advice particularly when it comes to the latest betting offers.

The site is run by Simon who ensures that Betting Kingdom has top quality tipsters who all have to provide good reasoning for their tips.

Simon sets the standard himself and tips under various profiles and works hard to provide value selections backed up by relevant statistics. He has an in-depth knowledge of many sports including football, tennis, darts and golf and he's made a lot of people a lot of profit.

Some of the profiles worth following are Footy,(Football), Muppet (Football), Goran (Tennis),  Banner (Tennis), Stabby (Tennis), One Dart (Darts), Tiger59 (Golf), ratgolf (Golf) and Howlett (Rugby).

If you are looking for top quality tips then this is definitely a site worth visiting. If you fancy yourself as a tipster and have the time to write good quality reasoning for your picks then apply to Betting Kingdom and you could win yourself a share of the £1000 monthly prize money.

Simon also tweets standout tips from profitable tipsters and you can follow him under the twitter handle @BettingKingdom.


(All time)

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Tipwise Horse Racing  808/2882 +6305.49
2 Big Al Horse Racing  1559/4673 +2452.10
3 Tipwise WS Horse Racing  317/904 +2397.67
4 Pinpoint Horse Racing  510/1949 +2379.54
5 Kalatari Horse Racing  262/1972 +2229.77
6 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  476/1061 +2182.44
7 Daily Nap Horse Racing  370/867 +2123.61
8 Pointage Horse Racing  264/1698 +1589.68
9 Hicko65 Horse Racing  585/1617 +1436.15
10 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  395/2014 +1328.83
The stake for each tip is 10 units

in March

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Market Movers Horse Racing  12/41 +512.90
2 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  23/42 +342.00
3 Brian Horses Horse Racing  16/13 +210.05
4 Superted Horse Racing  23/54 +165.83
5 Next Best All  5/11 +32.90
6 Jennifer19 Horse Racing  24/52 +32.13
7 TipOfTheDay All  4/11 +31.30
8 AppJoLays Horse Racing  3/0 +30.00
9 Big Al Horse Racing  26/60 +15.60
10 Pinpoint Horse Racing  22/43 +3.86
The stake for each tip is 10 units